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Ever wonder...
what do sites built with CSB or Trellix
pc-based software look like?  
Or other software this site now supports?
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Though very different, these sites all have the program that made them in common.  Please take a look at what can be accomplished with CSB!
No endorsement of those web sites, their content, or purpose is being made by linking to them.
It also does not suggest that those sites approve or endorse this web site.

TCH web host help site:

SITE MAPS of interest:                                               More samples and site map info on this page
Dan Bricklin's Website - founder of Trellix Corporation!   Sitemap is on the LEFT!
Dragon Naturally Speaking - Unofficial help site    MOST IMPRESSIVE SITEMAP!
The Starr Report - You know, the one...Monica & Bill... -   easy to follow the guide
The E-Trade Initiative - Another detailed map, well labeled
Rule Optimization for Airborne Aircraft Separation     Huge TOP sitemap, no labels
Samisite subdirectory - hidden map with instructions for viewing or linking directly to it!
Lou Sander - Hidden, elaborate site map!
zmag - understanding the global economy

NON PROFIT/PERSONAL SITES:       G = Site uses my photo Gallery design-tutorial here
USS Rankin - Naval Officers Association site honoring their ship
Frodo lives within us now - JRR Tolkien and Elijah Wood Fan Site - Wonderful essays and pictures
Greyhound Adoption Program of Queensland - framed site, nice use of tables
Ratz Realm - Delightful site built to support Pet Rat fans!  Cute!  Informative.
Deliah Fair - bordered and layered images combine  with personal layout
Cunningham Family website - modified template, wonderful use of the "Lake Effect" images
Cow Dog News - cattle dog images and links-  no template
Owen and Lee's Home Page - modified template
The Bat Cave of Oz - Bruce Wayne's hollywood artifacts
Family Vanity - seven generation family website - no template, lots of photos
South West Cruisin - Slick, dressy UK Cruisin site with forum (Warning...may have adult content)

OFFLINE as of this update:  (they may be permanently gone or temporarily unavailable)
Richard's Information Center - personal site  - with FLASH  (
Tug Valley Outdoors - Southern W Virginia, or East Kentucky Natural site tug ( G
OFFLINE SUPPORT SITES    (they may be permanently gone or temporarily unavailable)
Curtis:  h**p://
Templates by Richard:  h**p://

Altared Lives-Holy Hip Hop Radio - Slick template from Tredd's, FLASH & talking virtual Donna!
Chamber Music - Hilton Head, SC
Rod Abbey's Blindin Website - musician's site with vivid images (Rolling Stone Tribute Band!)

Jackalope Jewels - Handmade jewelry from New Mexico - I proudly own beautifully made pieces!
Neilaird - artist display site - jewelry and art - Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Salvillano - artist display site with unique tree sculptures, ecommerce site - manual fax form used
Wearable Watercolors - handmade jewelry, hand painted linked to ecommerce site
Stitched4You - Custom embroidery quilt blocks, labels, more ecommerce site
BarbSpencerDolls - Handmade dolls,  ecommerce site - shopping cart used
SWGalleries - ecommerce site - shopping cart used - pay with credit card
Meg Crowley's Gallery - artist site - using Everest template  

Shared Journeys - Shamanic Counseling and the Creative Arts
Dramatic Christian Ministries -- WYSIWYG web builder website (formerly CSB site)
Souderton Mennonite Church - uses up/down slideshow, framed site
Avlis Publishing - Learn holistic faith healing - ecommerce site
Apocalypse The Unveiling - The book of revelation discussed - detailed site map

Ok Collectibles - collectibles for sale - ecommerce site/paypal & CC
Profit maximization for business - Flash, allwebmenus, tables, professional looking
Spanish Property Deals - real estate sales - orange and yellow - nice use of tables for images!
Spanish land deals - real estate sales - blue and yellow (sister site,  best seen 1024x768)
BigHouseDaddy -  BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED professional looking  ecommerce site/paypal & CC
First Choice Photo - Professional Photography site in Canada
NeedleMeThat -crochet patterns & pieces-template used-ecommerce site - pay with credit card
SmileDogProductions - Photo Restoration Touchup Enhancement- framed site, unique template!
Will You all rise - Jessica Dubroff biography of a seven year-old pilot
The Heritage Law Group - a law firm - clean simple layout
Firearrest - borders -  top menu
skyspinner - dog toy - red corporate template used - with paypal purchasing
Hyundai Car sales - United Kingdom's #1 Dealer
Rincon Lodge - Bed and Breakfast in Colorado
M&V Trucking Company - In Australia
Home of Kipataki Bulldogs - framed site about champion bulldogs
Custom Water Gardens - simple site to support the business with a thumbnail gallery
North Carolinal Fraternal Order of Police -simple shadowed border edge in template for nice effect!
a la carte PR - public relations to order - notebook style background image for a unique presentation
Thingsanditems - Residential Heat and Air Conditioning information site
Stover Data Systems - Data management
Afewwordsaboutus - greeting cards, etc. - template used
MakeaCake - houston - not a template
Sportsman Junction Outdoor Adventures - booking guided hunting and fishing trips

DISCLAIMER:  It is not possible to link to EVERY CSB/Trellix built site!

RANT (blah blah blah):  I reserve the right to decide who I will link to based on my own criteria I admit is subjective. Sometimes I find a site that I have to remember because I want to revisit it. Sometimes there is something in particular that caught my eye because no one else is doing it or its done differently. Though I have a method to my madness, it can sometimes have a random element that throws in a bit of chaos.  There is also no specific order under the headings.
   Please do not be offended, please do not take it personally if your site is not listed here! It is not a slight!  I may not have seen it, or if I have, I may not have thought about capturing the link for this page because I was working on something else, or I'm brain-dead, or I just don't want to because....  because.... well there really is no good reason!  Just because!  I know there are a couple sites that I wanted to include here, but can not find the links - lost my note for them!  
   I get sites from the discussion board but if you would like me to link to your site on this page send me a note and I will consider it when I have time.  One criteria that is non-negotiable: Site must be made with the PC-Based software: Trellix or CSB only.  Online Trellix folks don't bother please.  I will check your source code and not even consider your site.   (I may not respond to the email as I have limited time.)
   This page is just a sampling to display the diversity and flexibility of the program. It is not IMPORTANT to be on this list!  It doesn't mean anything special!  Please don't take it so seriously!  

Want to link to this site?   First of all, Thank You!

I prefer a text link to my home page:
(search engines prefer text links and sometimes skip image links)

<A href="" title="CuteSite Builder & Trellix assistance">Sami Site CSB Support & Trellix Tutorials</A>

Or:  If you want to use an image, consider using one of these:
DO NOT LINK TO THESE GRAPHICS ON MY WEBSITE.  That is called HOT LINKING and it can be traced!  Please download the image and upload it to your site.  Put the name of the graphic into the code.

1. Right click on one of the above images.
2. Select 'Save Picture As...'
3. Select a folder to 'hold' the graphic.
4. Now upload the graphic to the folder where the rest of your web site's graphics are located using FTP.
5. Copy and paste the below html into your webpage.

<A HREF="" TARGET="_top"><img src="name of your graphics folder here (no spaces)/name of your graphic.jpg" alt="Sami Site CSB Support & Trellix Tutorials"></A>

1. Right click on one of the above images.
2. Select 'Save Picture As...'
3. Select a folder to 'hold' the graphic.
4. Copy and paste the below html into your Insert > HTML (or webgem)

<A HREF="" TARGET="_top"><img src="^GEMDIR/name of your graphic.jpg" alt="Sami Site CSB Support & Trellix Tutorials"></A>

5. Now load the image into the Web Components part of the Insert > HTML
6. When you publish, the program will upload the code AND the image to your website.