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frequently asked questions

CuteSITE Builder is the latest version in the Trellix line of PC-based software.

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purple arrow What kind of program is CSB and what is a tlx file?
The design window for CSB and Trellix is a word processor, not an HTML editor. The site is built in a special formatted file that ends in a .tlx and can only be opened with the CSB or Trellix program. The tlx file holds the page design including images, text, sounds, etc.  The text is translated into HTML by CSB during the publishing or preview process. CSB can not import HTML or edit HTML. Changes to the site are made in the tlx file then during the publish/preview process, CSB only generates the pages that changed. The file is quite compact so it can be quite small (under 1mb) or be very large (10mb or more) depending on how many pages you have in it, and how much of it is text (smaller than photos).  

If you have added or deleted many items in your website file, you should FILE SAVE AS to compact the file and clean it up.  

BACKUP your tlx file-if lost or corrupted, you will have to REBUILD your site.  Do it either way:
Visit KW's site for a backup program that can make up to 999 backup copies of your site file, or other important files!  BLAUNCH was built by another Trellix user and is free.
LOW TECH way:   Use FILE SAVE AS every time you open your file.  Save the file with a name that includes the date for easiest reference and the files stay in date order too!   
Example: open main010103  FILE SAVE AS main010203.  The next save as: main010303.
Subdirectory examples:  vacation070103, photos070103 etc.
To keep the order correct, use a 6 (010103) or 8 (01012003) digit number - don't use 1-1-03
Simple. Fast. Easy.  The publishing information remains the same and is undisturbed. The previous day's file still exists so you can come back to it if necessary and this process creates an  unlimited number of backup copies you can delete or archive the old ones as you see fit, or have a record of how your site has progressed.

purple arrow  Can I put code that I found on Dynamic Drive into my website built with CSB or Trellix?
Yes, code from Dynamic Drive, Javascript Kit, and other places can be placed into a CSB or Trellix tlx file using Insert > HTML code (Webgem in Trellix).  Slideshows, fancy menu buttons, iframes, flash, and so many more types of code can be used in your website file.  I have several tutorials on my site.  The web building resources page provides links to them and to several other sites with tutorials.

purple arrow  Since CSB is not an HTML editor, do I need one?
You do not have to have an HTML editor program to build a complete website.   Some people have built large sites without ever needing to add additional HTML or Javascript code.

However, if you want to do something special with a code from Dynamic Drive, Javascript Kit, etc. an editor is a great help.  You can modify the HTML and Javascript code in Notepad (already available on your computer) but using an editor is easier because the editor highlights the code in different colors, making it easier to see and edit.  Links to FREE editing programs are on the web building resources page.

purple arrow Can I edit an existing site with CSB?
Unless the site was built with Trellix or CSB AND you have the TLX file to modify, you would have to have an HTML editor and learn that side of it to edit the pages. CSB can not import HTML or edit HTML.  CSB can not be used to edit an existing website unless you copy and paste the text into a new TLX file and RECREATE the site.

purple arrow My computer came with free PC-based Trellix software.
You are using a FREE version of Trellix Web (2.0, 2.1, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 are the most popular versions).  You did not pay for the version of Trellix that was installed on your machine. It came as part of bundled software and the cost of the machine would have been the same with or without that version of Trellix. The reason it was free is that the web hosts (like Tripod and Fortune City) paid Trellix to create a program that published only to them!

Trellix then offered the software to Dell and HP (and maybe PC manufacturers) to include with new machines as an extra little bonus. That worked fine until Trellix dismantled the registration site in 2002 because they no longer offer the product-it was a limited time freebie.  If you started to publish your site with that software before the registration site was dismantled, you could still be publishing the site.  

There was another free version that came with Corel's WordPerfect suite as an extra bonus. It is also not usable for new sites.

No version of the FREE software can be used to publish to new websites.  It is outdated and only supported on the GlobalSCAPE discussion forum.  Trellix Corp dropped the product and no other company picked it up.  Temporary work-around:  You can use the PREVIEW feature to publish your site to a Windows temporary file then upload the HTML files manually via FTP to your website.  Takes longer and requires more manual effort.

purple arrow Other PC-based Trellix software

Trellix Web Site Creation Kit book (with CD-ROM) had two different versions.   Check your publishing options to tell which version you have:
Prentice Hall Edition of 2.7PA.  You can define your own host, see page 121 in the book:  how to set up to publish to your own host.  
Prentice Hall Edition of 2.7 version that was tied to only certain web hosts (no longer works for new websites).

Trellix 2.7 in a FREE version and a paid version.  You can tell the difference in the publishing options.  The only version of Trellix that was sold to consumers was 2.7 PA (Publish Anywhere).  It was not included in bundled software packages, and had to be purchased.  The only version of Trellix that can still publish to new sites is Trellix 2.7PA.  It is not supported anywhere but on the GlobalSCAPE forum, but is still viable and able to publish just fine to the web host of your choice!
purple arrow What is meant by PC-based?
The CSB and other Trellix software discussed on this site are installed on your PC.  CSB and Trellix have never been available for MACs. There are also versions of Trellix software that can only be used online, currently offered by Earthlink, iVillage and others.  (view reference site for online Trellix)

There are advantages to the paid-for PC based software CSB:  
(compared to the online Trellix software)

If at some point you want to move your site because they have problems or no longer hosts sites, you will no longer have access to the editing software you have now! With the PC-based software, we can change hosts easily, and still keep the software that built the site. Even if you kept copies of your site pages and posted them somewhere else, how would you edit the pages to add another picture or change the text? You would have to have an HTML editor and learn that side of it to edit the pages. With the PC-based software, you don't ever have to edit HTML if you don't want to.

If you access it only while being online, you have a web-based software, and yes you are locked into that web host, because they provide the building software!

The PC-based software is like Word, or Excel, etc. It is installed on your machine, the files are maintained on your machine. Your website would actually be stored in a file that ends in .tlx on your hard drive. The tlx stores your text, photos, etc and is converted to HTML code during the publishing process.

CSB was worth the $69 price. You got flexibility, portability, built-in features and freedom of choice!!! I had my site spread over 3 freebies (including my ISP Earthlink). When I moved my site from a freebie host to a paid site, I was able to just change the publishing instruction inside the software and send my site to its new home. No rebuild, so fast, so easy! Within hours of the domain registration, I had a site up and running on its new home.

Another very good reason for upgrading to the real thing: There is virtually no support structure for the online version of Trellix!!! The PC-based version has the GlobalSCAPE forum, an extensive knowledge base on GlobalSCAPE site and user support sites that provide specific instructions for use of the program, and using outside code.

From reports posted on the discussion board, the Trellix online software is not easy to navigate:
Example:  a post made by tgshaw on 7-2-03
"Now that they've gotten the online Trellix version, I've used it to set up a couple of small, simple websites for my family and an informal group I belong to --utilizing some of the free space I have available there. Yes, the templates are fun to play around with (especially on the family site) -- but other than that the program is cumbersome and limited. Just inserting an image takes a (...have to count) eight-step process, utilizing several different screens. Many of the navigation options I rely on for my main site just aren't available with the free version. I'd never use it for building anything other than a "fun" website that I could reconstruct at the drop of a hat if necessary. If your content or your navigation needs are more important than a "pretty background"--I'd say forget it. "

 purple arrow Trellix to CSB simple history
Trellix Corp decided that they did not want to continue developing and maintaining the Trellix Web product, as their company was going in a different direction. So GlobalSCAPE stepped in years ago (2001)  and contracted to take over the PAID version of the product. They renamed the product CuteSITE Builder.  The first release as CSB is version 3, a virtual copy of Trellix 2.7PA.  Registered users of Trellix 2.7PA were given a year to upgrade to CSB3 for FREE.  In May of 2003 CSB4 was released. CSB4 will open the tlx file made by Trellix 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7.  You can convert your file to the new format and keep going.  All your work building the site is not lost.  

purple arrow Publishing Errors                    more information
If you receive a publishing error, check off the option to LOG COMMUNICATION WITH SERVER.
Try to publish again.  This time, CSB will log the entire publishing process.   No log file is created on your website or computer.  CSB provides the log error details in the lower window to help diagnose the problem. Many times (not this particular case), the details are very specific.

CAUSE OF THIS ERROR:  The image below is a screen print of an error I purposely caused!  
When publishing to a subdirectory, the name of the subdirectory is put into that field.  DO NOT add a / before the name of the subdirectory or you will encounter a 501 error.
Larger window on the bottom only appears if you have checked to log communication!

KW has more specifics on the change from Trellix to CSB.  Visit his site.
this page is still being constructed - more added soon