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Title: don't try this simple game.... too addictive.
Post by: hidden on June 02, 2007, 10:57:08 AM
Itsy bitsy spider.   rofl      Yes it sounds silly and it is.  But FUN!  Irritating and QUICK.

Play it here without registering- you get 3 lives and only one level.

If you register on the  site that hosts the game itself, you get 3 levels and miny tournaments against players of your own skill level.  No money but you do win jewels.  The more jewels you win, the more options you get on the site.   My boss and I have registered with throw-away online emails (just in case they spam) and she's as addicted as I am to SEVERAL of the games they have because they are fast.

Hey Wanda....Register and tell me what name you are under so I can challenge you once in a while. It would be fun to compete against each other!  I know you will love it after you try it a few times.