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Title: Cutesite websites, all the way - 2 of them, by a new member
Post by: hidden on May 28, 2008, 08:49:48 PM
I am an artist and author -
I have two websites I've cobbled together over the years using CSB, updating them fairly often.
Take a look, please -- and

I'm pretty happy with CSB - as I gather, most of you are as well -
but I notice one mystifying problem:
While I appear pretty high, consistently, on the major search engines
(for, say, j michael walker),
my images, strangley, do not.
In fact I can find far more occurrences of my art on the sites of periodicals that have written about me!
I have included image descriptions for my images,
but this does not seem to help.
what have I missed here?

Thanks for any feedback -
both regarding my particular problem
and about the sites' overall design and functionality.
Best, jmichael