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Title: nasty little trojan.... redirecting to x-max and hrena, etc.
Post by: hidden on July 22, 2008, 04:05:45 PM
Trendmicro says TROJ_ZLOB.MJ is part of the current virus pattern and will detect it.   No it doesn't!

Adaware 2008 says SURE... They will find it (calling it something else of course).  No it doesn't!  Machine Clean.

Went to many sites on the web that offered a download of a FIX for this nasty but the FIX is often worse than the original problem!  They are often part of rogue spyware programs that can NOT be removed from the system.

FINALLY...PC Tools SPYWARE DOCTOR found the nasty called Trojan.Popuper  I used the free version as part of the GOOGLE PACK
- read more here about google pack (
- read more here about the free/paid versions of SPYWARE DOCTOR (