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Title: New Computer/transfering files
Post by: hidden on January 15, 2009, 07:41:42 PM
I thought I posted here earlier, but I see I somehow got on globalscape's site from Samisite without realizing it. Not sure what site sees more readers, so I'll post here as well:

I purchased a new computer 6 months ago, but still using old computer for CSB (version 5) because I'm unsure what to do to make sure data transfers over correctly. All data on the old computer is on the C drive. On the new computer, all data is on the D drive to make backing up easier. I'm concerned that when I open my files, CSB will not find "file downloads" and graphics that are referenced from the CSB file since they will be in a different location (referenced path). CSB is the last thing I need to transfer to be completly on the new computer.

What is the best way to make this transition?

I was hoping there was an export feature which would grab all referenced files which I could then import into the new computer. I don't see that ability.

Help is appreciated.


After posting the above question at Globalscape, I realized my CSB file is large (60 MB), so I'm starting to think that CSB5 saves a copy of every image and "download files" in the CSB file. So I'm thinking if I open my CSB file on the new computer, I don't have to be concerned with CSB looking on my hard drive for the original files.

Is that correct?
Title: Re: New Computer/transfering files
Post by: hidden on January 16, 2009, 12:46:59 AM
CSB keeps all the image files within the .tlx files. So all you need to do is copy the tlx files to your new computer, wherever you want to put them. Of course, it may be useful to also copy your image files, in case you want to use them again - however you do not need to worry about where you put them, because, unlike some other programs, CSB does not need to reference the location of those files.

But...but...but - make sure you keep backup copies of your tlx files on another medium, separate to the two pc's, such as USB stick or CD. This is very important. One of the most common problems we encounter here is lost tlx files, and there is often no way to recover them. In this case, the website needs to be rebuilt, as CSB cannot recover the site from files on the internet.

The other factor you need to consider is saving your web host publish data. You will need to reenter that after installing CSB on the new PC. If you do not have too many different host data, the simplest way would be to open CSB on both PC's and simply retype the publish details in CSB on the new PC. (If you want to know more about that, you can find additional details and methods on Samisite:

Title: Re: New Computer/transfering files
Post by: hidden on January 16, 2009, 07:53:21 AM
ditto his answer.   CSB's tlx design file is a nice suitcase!  Pack and travel with it conveniently.
But keeping proper copies is a MUST in case anything should happen to that because nothing can replace it.

You can use the PREVIEW function on your own new computer to have CSB "publish" your website files to your computer.   In the publishing options, check the box to use a local HTML file and assign it to a folder in your my docs area.  Then Preview.  CSB will generate a copy of your website files, photos, the uploaded download files, etc. So your new computer will then have a copy of those files.  Remember to UNCHECK that local HTML folder box before publishing to the web!  Leaving it checked during publishing SOMETIMES removes files from the website!

Note that any file that was uploaded to your website OUTSIDE of CSB (with FTP or your site manager, etc) will not be in the CSB file and should be copied over from the old drive to the new one.  CSB does not care where you had your old files because it does not go back to use them again.

The first time you try to publish your tlx design files from the new machine to your website, you will have to publish the WHOLE FILE.   This may take quite some time, or several tries to get it complete, especially if your file is that big but once done, the file will publish only updates again.

Title: Re: New Computer/transfering files
Post by: hidden on January 16, 2009, 04:49:03 PM
Thanks Rick & Sam,
I had been fretting this for months thinking that CSB only referenced files and images on the hard drive. Since I was changing how I'm storing data, the new path was certain to be a problem. It wasn't until after posting at Globalscape that I realized how big my CSB files were and realized CSB must be storing all that information within the file.

I keep everything backed up so I shouldn't have worries there.

Thanks again!
Title: Re: New Computer/transfering files
Post by: hidden on January 16, 2009, 06:31:57 PM
Glad to hear about the backups!  So many people have lost files lately.

CSB is built on the original Trellix base.  It was SO FAR AHEAD of its time.  Years later, the program is old, even discontinued.  But the program is still a joy to work with.  Moving to a new PC is not difficult, even moving to a new web host is not difficult.  Can't say that with all web site software!

Let us know if you get stuck.

By the way.  The fact that your website file is so big, you need to consider splitting to use subdirectories.
Sometimes the larger tlx design files have difficulty and develop corruptions.