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Hi: I keep coming back to read all the info on what our next program is going to be and sooo far no one is real thrilled with anything out there. that is simply amazing! Globescape was not that expensive and was so great to work in. It is hard to beleive with all the comments about CSB that they wouldn't just creat a program compatable to the one they had to discontinue. After all they already are in the business to do just that...!!
Sam if you find anything would you post a huge I FOUND IT for us. Thanks Jean

I bought a couple of the programs and will be getting Site Spinner this summer if everything goes as planned  :luck:

Starting to put together a chart to compare products but really have not had a lot of time to devote to it yet.
So far, I have seen quite impressive programs. Offer so much for so little.  Looking forward to working with the most talked about program: Site Spinner.

Theres one thing that will taint my view of all these programs.
My first day (24 hour period) of using Trellix!

                My story:
The day I opened that program, my boss had just informed me he was paying annually for a website name (domain name) and paying the phone company $$/mo for website services. This was going on for two years before I came to the company.  Yet we had no website!  Not even a COMING SOON notice!  The phone company had posted a white page that said domain sold sign!  A website builder in the area offered to put a 5 page FLASH website up for us at a cost of $8650, which included an annual contract to maintain. (His only other bid was for MORE). We were told it would be at least 3 months before the site was up. Reluctantly, my boss was ready to sign unless I could offer alternatives to him.

I knew nothing nothing nothing nothing about websites, ftp, servers, domains, any of it. Didn't know if the price we were being quoted was high or low or if the site being proposed would fit our customers needs, etc. I was on a quest for information. Per my request, the phone company sent me an email with all kinds of information (I now know it was website settings) that made no sense. I called and discussed it with a tech and hearing for the first time ever about FTP programs, HTML code, HTML editors, etc, I was convinced I was WAY OVER MY HEAD.  But the tech said to check the software on my PC...I may already have web software on my machine that could have come with other software. Many programs can create HTML without being an editor....check it out. It doesn't have to be difficult!  He gave me hope that we did not have to pay that much for a website.

Corel WordPerfect came with a web software...Trellix.
Opened it and found myself in an office software similar to Word or WordPerfect.
Hey this is something I could get my head around!  No coding, no wacko HTML stuff!
Typed a COMING SOON notice and put on our picture, phone number and company name.
The HELP files walked me through the basics of that single page.

Found the Trellix Cafe and KW, Turtle and others that afternoon.
They told me I had to upgrade to publish anywhere to get the page to our website.
I upgraded (and went through several other steps) but within that afternoon, I had a single page on our domain and showed it to my boss.  He was amazed!!  It was our company colors and actually had a picture!! A cheap $69 upgrade made me look like a hero!

He asked if I could make a product list and a contact page with names and phone numbers.
The next day, I went back to Trellix file, added two pages and links to them automatically appeared on the page like magic.  Published again.  Though it was quite plain and not built with FLASH, my boss was so impressed that he assigned me the task of building our website!  I got recognition and a bonus for my work and saving the company money!

So you see....this tiny piece of software and the Trellix Cafe help site forever changed my job and the way I am seen at this company!  Changed my life in more ways than I can count.   Literally.  I was hooked.  No other program will hold the same spot in my heart. Trellix/CSB is special because it has had the same effect on other people too!

There are thousands of programs that can build websites.  Many with far better features than CSB has.
But I think for current CSB users that is not the most important thing.

I will be looking for that SPARK of recognition, looking for that "YES! I can use this program" "This program makes simple sense" factor that I found with Trellix. 
Then looking at the features of the programs.
Lots of people tried Dreamweaver and FrontPage. Then came to Trellix/CSB and stayed.
So in the end, features are fine, but if you don't feel comfortable in the program you won't stay with it!
I will be looking for comfortable fit first, then features.


Hi Sami...

Just read your posting about how you got started with Trellix - & then CSB...

It brought a HUGE smile to my face...

My situation was very, very similar (except I discovered Trellix via Tripod) - the only real difference being that my site was for my own business...

Now 8 years later, our site attracts around 80,000 visitors a month...   

I'd be absolutely lost without CSB...



I'm thinking you won't find another similar program because I have looked really well for one lol and two Cute needed to move on wards in some ways that most other programs already have. I think when you do get past the learning curve on what ever you pick you might be like me and think how much easier the new program is than cute.. shhhhh I didn't say that too loud did I? ...  :P The closest thing I found to it was maybe Coffee Cup.

Coffecup is lightweight software. Ok but no match for the full abilities of other programs we are looking into.

--- Quote ---think how much easier the new program is than cute.. shhhhh I didn't say that too loud did I? ... 
--- End quote ---
:ss-shocked: I am SHOCKED and DISMAYED! :ss-shocked:  CSB is EASY. A no brainer on so many functions and far more expandable than most people think.  Though I have tried several pieces of software, none have fully impressed me like CSB/Trellix, so far.  I am looking for specific criteria that none of the programs has met yet.


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