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Is it reasonably easy to transfer CSB to another web design program?

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I realize that CSB still works, etc., but I also never like to be caught with my pants down. So, I'm looking for other alternatives now (as compared to a time when I might be "forced" to look).

The main concern I have now, however, is the size of my website. It's about 170 pages in total, and the file is about 180mb in size. I would HATE to have to redo all that from scratch. there a relatively easy way in which the work done in CSB can still be imported into another web design program? I would imagine (?) that it would include outputting all the pages as html files...



DEPENDS.... :unsure:

NO ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM can open/modify the tlx design program that you are using to build your website.
Proprietary format prohibits other programs from opening and converting the contents of the design file.

BUT....the generated website HTML files are different.

1. Building WITHOUT FRAMES, you can bring your web pages into an HTML editor and continue editing and building your website.  Most of these programs are for people that use HTML coding so this is not a wonderful option for most CSB users. 

2. Building WITH FRAMES, you will have a VERY DIFFICULT time converting/editing those files with an HTML editor. CSB makes great framed pages. They are well defined but each has several html pages that would need to be edited. (read about frames here).

We are testing several programs and starting to report our findings on each.
Most of the programs we are looking at will NOT allow you to import the pages and tweak because we are trying to find another WYSIWYG type program that allows us to edit/build without direct HTML editing  (like CSB does). But that means most of us will need to COPY/PASTE components of our web pages into the new program.  Tedious to rebuild. So we are being very careful about what programs we test for current CSB users.

One program (untested by us yet) may fill both needs...WYSIWYG and import current csb built pages.... We will let you know how it goes as we load and test other software.

That was the initial reason for developing this forum and remains one of the main purposes.  Should YOU test any software that you would like to report on, please do! The more comments we have the better.  Eventually this forum will be populated by CSB users wanting to switch and want to know other people's experiences.

Hi - I have a Cute site with over 200 pages and recently built two smaller sites on Virtual Mechanics Site Spinner. Because it has no in-line site map building a large site requires several sub folders and that was my biggest drawback since I don't use them now. However, my need for change is so great that I am taking it on and decided to use spinner anyway. I love the way it works, feels, the ease of it and all the features for the money are really an incredible value. They also have very easy to understand help files and a friendly, helpful forum. I first downloaded Spinner for the free thirty day trial - and its not consecutive days but user days - about a year ago. Just built my first site a couple of months ago after playing around with it for all of that time.

Like you, I was thinking ahead and in the mean time my need for change has grown. I trialled about fifteen different programs hoping to find one to easily convert my Cute site with to no avail. (I wish I had just spent that time on learning Spinner now - lol) After realizing all of the benefits of the program, I have neglected updating the Cute site to dedicate my time to work on the new version in Spinner.

It might not be the right one for you but at this point besides converting the pages to no frames and using an HTML editor like Sammy said, I am not aware of any low to mid priced software that can EASILY make the conversion. I didn't look in the higher price range. Maybe there is something there. ?

Site Spinner has some wonderful features (I found no support for FRAMES in it yet, though iframes ARE supported) and decent pricing. As do many of the programs we are reviewing.  Check back for more information as we continue to test and report findings. 

I have hopes for one program to import and offer WYSIWYG editing based on the user comments being reported... :luck:  But won't mention more until I test it myself.... ;)

I think whatever I end up with will have to be style sheets. It's the wave of the future. I have a purchased copy of Dreamweaver but I just open it and stare at it in awe.  >:D

Maybe one of these days.


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