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Comparisons to CSB will be listed here


As we test and become familiar with new software that may replace CSB, we will comment here.

There will be a TABLE built of features that we will post.  Stay tuned..... :yes:

So, I have begun to identify differences in the programs.  I bought WYSIWYG and Web Easy 6 so I can really play with them...trial was not enough time.  Will be getting Site Spinner next....

Sadly, even before buying it, I have found one mark against Site Spinner.  It can not create FRAMED sites. You can make IFRAMES but not FRAMES and they are NOT THE SAME.  This means that people that use framed sites now that want to rebuild in the future with the same style (to maintain search engine links, etc) will not be able to use SS for it.  CSB makes framed sites AND does them well because a MASTER page is made for search engines to read. This makes a HUGE difference!!!

First one posted.  EZ GENERATOR comments posted.  Nice program.

More to come.


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