Author Topic: April fools virus/worm conflicker  (Read 2918 times)

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April fools virus/worm conflicker
« on: March 31, 2009, 12:09:00 PM »
It started infecting machines back in October, 2008 and has a set off date of April 1, 2009.
10-15 million computers are supposedly infected.
I is know to do things like disable Windows update, Windows security centre, Windows defender, Windows error reporting.  And on April 1, it may do worse.

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Don't know what it will do, if anything.
But get your backups ready JUST IN CASE.

partly from the NORTON website:
Advice to Stay Safe from the Downadup Worm (same yuck, different name):
   1. Run a good security suite
   2. Keep your computer updated with the latest patches. If you don’t know how to do this, have someone help you set your system to update itself.
   3. Don’t use “free” security scans that pop up on many web sites. All too often these are fake, using scare tactics to try to get you to purchase their “full” service. In many cases these are actually infecting you while they run. There is reason to believe that the creators of the Conficker worm are associated with some of these fake security products.
   4. Turn off the “autorun” feature that will automatically run programs found on memory sticks and other USB devices.
   5. Be smart with your passwords. This includes
       1. Change your passwords periodically
       2. Use complex passwords – no simple names or words, use special characters and numbers
       3. Using a separate, longer password for each site that has sensitive personal information or access to your bank accounts or credit cards.
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