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Question on!
« on: July 13, 2012, 08:13:21 PM »
 :) Hi everyone - I'm new at this forum, and have seen CSB on this site alot. I don't know what CSB is, can anyone answer this and where I can go to look at it?

Also, has anyone every tried KompoZer and can you give me some input on it. I found a software offering on eBay but I want some good input on this before I buy. This one comes all the way from the UK... I am looking for an inexpensive but very helpful and good package. I'm using currently a 20 year old software by Symantec called Visual Page, and it's been so faithful to me, i hate to change, but today's world is changing and so is the software and the code as well. Thanks for your input!

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Re: Question on!
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2012, 02:24:53 AM »
HI!  Welcome to the forum.  :welsign:   :wave:

KompoZer is the Mozilla HTML editing software with WYSIWYG abilities. Same people offering Firefox.  :TUP:
Very decent basic features.  But would not be enough to tempt me.  :)

It is very difficult to switch away from software that is comfortable and familiar.  I remember Visual Page. And understand your loyalty to it and your need to consider other software.

CSB (CuteSite Builder) is a discontinued website building program.  It was offered by GlobalSCAPE (they still have CuteFTP and other software. Many of us started with the original product Trellix and stayed with it when it was renamed CSB.  Like you, the users of CSB have been very content with their software and have not needed or wanted to move on. It was actually way ahead of its time, and way ahead of the competition for many years. Offered far more than VisualPage could. CSB pages can be very elaborate or very basic depending on the user's taste.

These days, webbuilder software is everywhere.  So many offer just the basics, like KompoZer,
Some offer way too many features or are too confusing to consider.

Without seeing your site, I am not sure which would fit your needs best.
Though many builders have been discussed on this site, I suggest to you three builders for your consideration:

1) Xara Web Designer MX Premium (not the basic version).   It produces lovely sites, is not difficult to use (if you can use a text editor and basic photo program). This program began as a graphic program, added image editing and Web building so it has a fully loaded set of features including menus, FTP, slideshows, and far more. You do not deal with HTML code. Like our old CSB, you can ADD code in for special functions but the html code is written for you with this software. Several people have changed to this or are in the process of changing over.  Price is $50 for basic $99 for premium (premium is a terrific program, basic is missing vital options in my opinion). The product is just terrific and well worth the purchase.  WYSIWYG is taken to another level. It is actually FUN to use. Learning curve is low. I made a comparison chart of some of the main features here Read the recommendations and click the icon for Xara Web Designer MX Premium to read more, get the 30 day free trial (all features available)  This software is from England.   Rick uses this software.  I have tried this software, but decided to use the PRO version of the Xara software and love it.

2)Site Spinner is a well built WYSIWYG/HTML editing software.  Loaded with features it is a web builder from ground up. It is a solid offering that will be around for a long time. Comes in regular $50 and PRO $99 versions. Good following with active forum. I have this software and like it. Coming from VisualPage you may like it too. Again this one comes with a free trial. (Though I like it, I actually use it less than my Xara product or my Microsoft Expression Web, a more expensive product).  Wanda is a Site Spinner fan.

3) glFusion comes highly recommended by members of this forum too.  It is a CMS, and far better feature list than KompoZer.  It might be a bit heavy handed but you do have to use all the bells and whistles. Just know they are already available should you need them.  Free open-source software but does ask for donation.      Lee loves the software and uses it to build this:

Generally speaking the web builder programs that have full line capabilities are $99 -$150 across the board.
There are certainly more expensive programs (dreamweaver) and less (open-source).
Check out the three mentioned above. One may suit you.  Or if you find something else, let us know!
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