Author Topic: CONCERT of a lifetime  (Read 1614 times)

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CONCERT of a lifetime
« on: May 20, 2013, 04:57:07 PM »
I was invited to see Paul McCartney live in person last night at the Orlando Amway Arena.
He sang Beatles and Wings songs.  Amazing concert.
Still looks and sounds great. Terrific concert.
Even had indoor pyrotechnics and fireworks from floor and ceiling.

Was on the floor, 4th row from the front!  Got some good pics.    here's just a couple:
and a snippet of one of songs. 

It was always on my "bucket list" (wish list of things to do before you die), to see him in person. Never really thought it would happen but hoped... A friend made that dream come true.     :hearts:  :hug:  :kickdancing: :boogie: :kickdancing: :boogie:

The hey jude video was on my cell phone.  About 40 seconds in I turned towards the audience so you could see where we where, how many people were in the arena. 
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Re: CONCERT of a lifetime
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Wow!!! it is an interesting topic that I was interested in it.