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DS9 Harbinger
« on: February 25, 2007, 09:12:27 PM »
I have 2 old DOS games, both Star Trek, that I never got to finish because the machine quit before I finished the games. 

Finally got ONE of them to load on my Win XP machine.  :kickdancing: Amazing!   :boogie:  Played it for about an hour tonight in a DOS window and was delighted with it. These programs were old style games that were not so much shoot em up. It's puzzle like...ask questions, complete the task and move to next task. Lots of reasoning.

Was hoping for the other one but it will not install...says my files/buffers read as 40/0 and should be 20/20.  I adjusted the config.sys file to read 20/20 but it still reads 40/0.  On the other game I had finished all tasks and was on my way home when the machine died. Never got to see the end.  Bummer.  It was my favorite.
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