Author Topic: My Space is being successfully hacked in unusually large numbers.  (Read 3124 times)

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I don't have a myspace but many people I know do and I don't think it is coincidental that 7 of 10 of them have had their spaces hacked and their emails and pictures taken over in the last two weeks. The chatter amongst myspace members at a site I belong to is that others they know are also reporting the same thing. My space has always seemed to be a hackers paradise. I questioned them about their passwords and it turned out what I was thinking may be a factor. They all had easy to remember shorter types of passwords. ( I am so guilty of that in smaller sites ) I suggested to them to use the maximum number of characters allowed, a combination of upper and lower case alphabet and numbers in a random nonsensical order such as 8I9kILhleI95OIkh0mReUn82Miw and just copy paste their password instead of remembering it.

Myspace has sooo many members and so many that are young and probably don't know that much about internet security therefore they choose short easy to remember passwords that are easily hacked.

I just thought I would bring it up so if you are a my spacer you can be aware it is going on in increased numbers recently as well as just for a general reminder of those who would hack passwords.

Hope it helps..
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