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Edits don't appear and Republishing Renames Resolutions!
« on: October 21, 2007, 09:49:00 PM »
Originally posted:  07/26/05 on GlobalSCAPE forum which did NOT support Trellix online products.

This information concerns using Site Builder which is powered by Trellix Web Express. I am using it with the Verizon network, but the info should apply to Site Builder used on any network.

Also note that I am not affiliated with this web site. This is something I figured out myself and I decided to post it here for the benefit of others in the future.   

The information here will help you with the following two problems:

1) Problem: After I publish my site, whenever I edit the site, the edits appear in the Site Builder editor and also appear when I Preview the site from the editor, but they do NOT appear on the actual published web site that people visit .
Answer: After you publish your site, any edits you make to it from the Site Builder editor will NOT automatically appear in your published site. In order to make the edits appear, you have to Unpublish your site and then Publish it again. After you do that, all your edits will appear in your site.
To Unpublish your site: In the editor, click on All My Sites, then click on Advanced Options. Next to the name of your site under Site Options, click on Unpublish . You can also click on Site Settings and then Unpublish web site. Now your site is no longer visible on the Web.
To Republish your site so the edits will take effect: Follow the directions above, but under Site Options, click on Publish or under Site Settings, click on Publish web site. You can also click on Publish to Web at the bottom of the editor. Now your site will be visible on the Web with all your edits in place.
Explanation: It sounds more complicated than it is. You can take all the time you want to edit your site because your site is still public while you're editing. To implement the edits, you unpublish it and then immediately republish it, so your site is not down for long. Normally, this would take less than 10 seconds, but it takes a bit longer because there's an extra step you have to take to keep the same URL for your republished site (see below).

2) Problem: If you unpublish your site and then try to republish it, Site Builder forces you to create a new directory for the site and appends the directory name to the end of your default URL, thereby changing the name of your site each time you unpublish it and then republish it. 

After I publish my web site for the first time, if I edit the site and then I unpublish it and publish it again for the edits to take effect, Site Builder forces me to append a new directory name after the base URL, thereby changing the name of my original web site. This is a problem because you're forced to change the URL of your site, plus the URL becomes longer and more difficult to remember,
Example: Original web site URL-
             Republished web site-
Answer: You have to know how to FTP files to solve the problem. Verizon has a built-in file manager or you can download a free FTP program.
From the FTP program, you have to navigate to the files containing your web site. On Verizon, they are located at your default URL, which is: The top directory is called and there are two sub-directories below that called .trellix_data and sitebuildercontent. Beneath the two subdirectories are a number of files representing the pages of your web site. These files are referred to as being in your root directory. The file you want is called index.html. That file represents your home page. Note there is also a file called index.htm. That is a different file and not the one you want.
Simply rename the index.html file in the root directory. You can rename it index.html2. Then go back to Site Builder and when you try to publish the site now, it will let you do so as if you were publishing it for the first time and you'll be able to keep your original URL of Then go back to the FTP program and change the index.html2 file back to index.html and you're all set.
Explanation: When someone tries to access your site, Site Builder looks for the index.html file to display. If that file is not present, it then uses the index.htm file instead. The index.htm file in your root directory is a generic file that substitutes for your home page until you publish your site. Anyone visiting your site before it is published will see this index.htm file, which simply states that your Home Page is Under Construction. After you publish your site for the first time, Site Builder inserts the index.html file in your root directory and that represents your real home page. When you unpublish the site, the index.html file is not removed from your root directory. So when you try to publish the same site again, Site Builder forces you to create a new directory name and it copies all the original web site files to this new directory and adds the new directory name to the end of your original URL. By simply renaming the index.html file, as explained above, Site Builder allows you to republish the same site using the same URL. There should have been an Update button in the editor that would do this automatically, but there isn't.
I hope this is helpful to other users of Site Builder.
Dominick J. Fontana
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Edits dont appear and Republishing Renames Resolutions
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Rick look in the catagory for computers & periphials from the search menu... the prodicts are there in your example but not in the catagory computers & periphials in the search menu they went in the database but noy yhe category...