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« on: October 31, 2007, 09:43:50 AM »

There are two ways to quote on THIS forum:

1) When you open a reply box, there is a button on the second line.
  It sits between the INSERT CODE and the INSERT LIST functions and looks like a speech balloon.

This one INSERTS QUOTE code only. Like this:

This is the one I use most because I can then copy/paste any section of the previous post (not the whole post) into a quote box, like this:
at least I know that what ever gobblin is tampering with my head -- it was correct there.

How dare that goblin or ghosty for playing with you like that!!  ^-^

2) There is also a button over to the top right of a post. 

Clicking that one causes a new post to be made and QUOTE the WHOLE post by someone else.
The beginning line should have a beginning [ and ending ] quote bracket as shown here:

If the end of the first line has no final bracket ] on the end of the line like this one:

You end up with a post that looks like this:

The part you tried to qoute is NOT quoted, and the fresh comments/message gets quoted.  :D
To fix it, just simply open the post again, add the ] to the end of the first line.
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