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Hi all:

I'm looking for a way to allow others to upload pictures to my website.  Anyone know of a script... or any software that would work.

I'm looking for something simple... I have looked at some stuff.  This webpage seen promising, but it makes my head hurt trying figuare it out... can anyone help to decipher this page.

Ken aka Bighousedaddy <><

Well, there are tons of scripts that offer uploading. They are FORM scripts with extra features.

I have one on my website.  Easy to install. But the form is not secure. (Neither is the form you sent us to look at!) Though I have set limits on types of files and sizes, the form would allow insertion of bad code by nefarious people/computers. The form could be used by a spammer to deliver thousands of emails even though it only points to my address on the web. So I keep the form behind a password for limited access.

Turtle recommended this page as a reference on this type of site interference:
They show what a form script looks like and what injection is.  Then show you the result.  Even though some of it is geek speak, you will still get a good idea what it does.

What you need is a good secure form script with upload abilities. Not only do you not want spammers to have access, you want to be sure you do not get BAD files from people that can harm your website (take control or change it).  I do not recommend ANY particular form script.  One that is good today could be hacked tomorrow. But one you might consider is ultimateformmail.com at your own risk. You must purchase the script, but he does offer installation if you want it. Or check HOTSCRIPTS.COM for something that would work for you.

Hi Sami:

Thanx for responding to my question.

I think using the phrase "to allow others" to upload pictures was a miss typed thought on my part.  What I have is a website that I built for a lady that has a music school, and in the summer she has a music camp.  She would like to post pictures to her website without having to send me the pictures for me to post them.  So it would just be her alone using the upload link.

The way I see it is.....

1, Make an upload box that will ftp to a folder on her server.
2, Some script that will change the name of the picture to something like photo 01.
3, Change the picture's size to say 400 x 300.
4, Create a viewing page that calls for photo 01, photo 02, and so forth. so once its uploaded it will appear on the viewing page that anyone visiting her website an click on to see the pictures.
5, And lastly, provide a way for her to delete the pictures for replacement with another picture... this one has me baffled.

Ken aka Bighousedaddy <><

AH.... Different scenario.

You should look into GALLERY or COPPERMINE image galleries.  They have the capabilities you want!
And best: they are FREE scripts that are LOADED with options.
Both Gallery and Coppermine have good reps for stability.
If you have access to FANTASTICO interface with your host, basic installation is simplified. 
Just a couple settings, then a couple clicks puts it in place!
If you don't have Fantastico interface, you might still check with your host if they offer any image galleries.
If they don't have either Fantastico interface or another image gallery already loaded on the server, you can get those scripts online and load them yourself with more effort.

Hi Sami:

All this seems much bigger than my brain will allow.  Everyone is saying it's easy to install, but I don't think so.... atleast for me its difficult.

you said you have one installed on your website.... is it possible to look at it?



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