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RE: A new site I am building at myspace for a band. Just started on it so it's still conceptual.. however I have found here and on a couple of other sites I viewed there lately that no scroll bar appears at the bottom of the page. I searched the code against other pages I have built where the scroll bar shows up and can't find anything different that should affect the showing or not showing of it. I checked it in three browsers. I have seen this on some other sites too & it is a big problem since myspaces are set table widths and really HAVE to be scrollable to work properly.

I searched this topic and have found nothing about it so I am puzzled.

Any comments or ideas to even get me looking in the right direction will be appreciated. :-)

oh the site lol.. I almost forgot ..  http://www.myspace.com/backwashhawaii 

IE 6 at home. 
- At 800x600, I can see whole page, no horizontal scroll bar needed, none shown. 
- Made window smaller (to about 500x400), horizontal and vertical scroll bars needed and both shown.
Menus are usable.

Firefox at home.
- At 800x600, I can see whole page, no horizontal scroll bar needed, none shown. 
- Made window smaller (to about 500x400), horizontal and vertical scroll bars needed and pnly vertical is shown.
The outer grey table that surrounds the page is adjusting in size % but the other tables are not. They remain fixed in position, but the page is NOT usable. 

IE is on top, Firefox is on the bottom.  They should appear the same (except for scroll bar)
But please note the content of the window shows the CSS is not well written for this theme causing far more than the scroll bar issue. The content is not left justified or centered in both windows....

Thank you for taking a look Sammy. Some of the inherant problems with myspace is the built in css codes that are poorly written and how they just provide you an area to fill in adjustable settings. ..BTW .. my res is 1024 x 678 so I am not sure then why I am still not getting the scroll bar. I guess since you didn't mention it, you didn't see anything in the code about the scroll bar..

I have asked on their volunteer tech forum but no answers yet either. They are doing something that has affected a few sites and most of the messed up things are in their own code. I wrote them yesterday about something else that suddenly started happening on some pages.. a page frame appearing justified left and causing the frame to run down through all of the right hand tables. They replied they are aware of that and working on it. But what is weird is how some sites are fine in both cases and some aren't.

This is when I wish I knew more generally about css. I can generate and tweak it but I'm no expert.

Hmmm well I remain puzzled

If it is contained in the css, you would have no control over it since the css is not on your site.  The code is pointing to a MASTER set of css documents. 

I went through tons of lines of code.  Did not see anything that controlled the window design by limiting access to the scrollbar    [ex: scrollbars=0, or scrollbars=1 or fullscreen mode, etc.]

But I am dismayed to see that the basic layout is not consistent from IE to FF on such a large template system.  Even CSB is closer than that template!

The problem could be a COMBINATION of content, or settings (centering, left justification, table in table, etc). Sometimes when you have certain scripts they can conflict and cause unexpected results.  Maybe that is the same thing for you. 

Take a look at the broken sites.  What do they have in comment (content wise).  Then see if that same thing is in the working sites.  If you can't find it in the working site, then you have your answer.  Change the setting to whatever you have in your working site and you will be back in business.

I don't know why but when I opened your link in  FF there was also no horizontal scroll bar. Then I changed the Zoom level (bottom right hand corner on the FF window) to 125% and the scroll bar appeared. Now it is also there at 100% zoom level. Maybe you or FF team updated while I was browsing.


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