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SITE SPINNER - Comments PASTED from GS CSB board
« on: January 21, 2007, 08:53:07 AM »
SafariWoman on 7/22/2006

A bit off the most recent subject - but I have made a decision on a new software to integrate along with Cute on my website rebuild. I tested Coffee Cup, Cool Page 2.72, EZ Generator, Web Easy Pro 6, and Site Spinner.

And the winner is: Site Spinner. I actually kept notes on them all and was going to offer my input on your new forum someday Sam, but alas, the once every 5 years totally trashed the wrong document flu got me! Grrrr. Anyway - There could be reasons some of the other software might work better for some people - but this was the right choice for me and my need for WYSIWYG and the exact needs that I have for my rebuild. I especially liked the way it works more like a publisher program where you can freely locate things anywhere on the page and it has a lot of really nice features along those lines such as the ability to draw and create endless buttons and such right in the program. The learning curve was also easy - for me - that is - possibly because I work with a lot of graphic programs.

It has been a while since I looked at other programs and I was amazed at the sometimes total differences in the WYSIWYG software that is out there for around the same pricing more or less. I don't consider $20.00 to be a great deal of difference though someone else might.

I will still use Cute and still am using cute for several types of things that Site Spinner won't do - like place an anchor and it always republishes the whole file and is missing the ever so handy site map. There are other things but these being most important for me at this time.

How to integrate it all into a cohesive looking site is the challenge though since Site lets me create interesting header effects EASILY and they don't transfer into Cute. But I have some ideas about how I will do it and actually I am glad I found this program because it will fill my needs better in some ways. Don't worry though - I'm NOT giving up Cute for a long time to come. I still like it for all the same reasons and the forum being one of them.  I expect where ever this forum grows to in the future it will continue to be a great place to share information and ideas about Cute and other web building software. By golly - it's kind of exciting!

Site Spinner also has a decent forum and that was part of my decision. You all spoiled me on that aspect! (Well, some more than others.) Thanks! I needed that!  A little spoiling never hurt anyone

Just thought I would let you know what's up since people have talked about what they will do due to the discontinuation in this area before and in case anyone looks at my website in the near future and finds some areas not built with Cute - they won't think that I've gone and jumped ship completely. LOL

SafariWoman on 10/21/2006

Hi, I tried all of those too including ez generator lol and I ended up with site spinner because I love the way I can freeform create but it also has a great forum and its easy to include elements on all or some pages. I found the learning curve very low. But good luck and Im glad that you are keeping us posted. :-)   
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