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Javascript or other drop down list.


Has anyone done something like a Javascript or other method of creating a drop down list of terms and definitions. What I have in mind is: when a term/item is selected in the drop down list of a web page, its corresponding definition is displayed in a window below it.

Any ideas?  :idea:

Sure.  Dynamic Drive has a script that will do exactly what you are looking for.

So that is what it is called  :v8slap:  a Combo Box Viewer.

I've been searching for Drop Down Lists.  :banghead:

Thanks for your help Sami.  :clapping:

And if you want to have a description below your drop down box, AND make it linked to go to that page, take a look at this one:   Drop down menu w/ description

And of course, you can use Iframes.  Dropdown loads a text file into an iframe.

Lots of ways to do what you are looking for.   :yes:

I want to make it difficult for people that copy our dictionary: h**p://www.tpacc.com/1/main/dictionary.htm as everything is on one long page, but still provide the definitions. I've also thought of using a framed page, iframes, Flash, and an Acess database. I also have Allweb drop down menu trees, but don't like it as it is rather cumbersome. Thanks will look at this URL too.


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