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Test this form please - drop down field issues


I test these forms on three different machines I and can not find problems.
I use IE 6, IE7, FF2, FF3  and all those variations work for me.

There is some variation of use from browser to browser. 
- Sometimes when you click a drop down, it sticks....stays open and you can manually move through the list to the item of your choice. 
- Other times, clicking the drop down does not cause the choice to stick in place. The drop down opens only as long as your left mouse button is pressed down. You CAN scroll within the list if you keep your finger on the left mouse button.

BUT....some people say the drop down items are not available to them.
They report that parts of the forms are not usable.
I can NOT replicate the issue so I can not test the code.  And the forms have been in use for 6+ months.
Problem comments only for the last week or so....  This is the last one...the cause of this post from the MAIN form:

--- Quote ---Message: Ok, well this isn't going well. Your type of business/consumer field isnt functioning, nor is your Subject Field selector.
--- End quote ---

Please take a few minutes to test these two forms and let me know what you find.
Remember to tell me your experience AND which browser (& version you are using).
Both forms DO have required fields (Red DOTS)

THESE ARE REAL LIVE ACTUAL IN-USE FORMS coming to me at the office where other people read them. Please keep that in mind when you test... 

Though we have several forms on the site, the main form gets the comments (the others use the same coding!).
The other one is usually filled in by folks without a lot of computer skills or using the aol browser (which I do not have).
Main company contact form     h***p://www.lambertusa.com/lambcoform.php
Curber application form   h***p://www.lambertusa.com/newcurb.php

Your help is GREATLY appreciated!!! 

The drop downs both worked very well. They also remembered all their drop down selections after I clicked Submit (without the red required fields) and then clicked the Back Button to view them.

I used MFF3 and IE7.

HMMM.....  ???     ???    ??? 

I tried contacting one of the curbers who complained about her experience with a form. She said she doesn't know what she uses...justs gets on the web. Period. And NO she did not have the 5 minutes of time to test with me on the phone coaching!   :banghead:   

I was REALLY hoping one of you folks could replicate the problem and tell me what is happening in more detail so I could try to tweak the code....  If the code is tweaked now, I won't know if I fix the problem, make it worst, or no change since I can't test it!    :banghead:


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