Author Topic: CSB is no longer available. What does this mean to current users?  (Read 17149 times)

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1) GlobalSCAPE stopped selling CSB as of June 30, 2006. This is bad news for anyone wishing to upgrade after tht date because they will be stuck with the version of the software they already have!

2) GlobalSCAPE can and will continue to SUPPORT the program they have been selling for years in a few ways as stated in their announcement. For example, if you have forms on your site they will continue to work for at LEAST a couple more years (July 1, 2008).
through their form server.  (You can always change out your form and not interrupt your webpages!) The forum and the knowledge base will be available for AT LEAST another year (July 1, 2007).  Then even if GlobalSCAPE takes it down (not that likely as it draws in traffic and potential customers for other products), I am likely to add a forum to my support site. I have already started a FAQ database and will continue to build it.

3) The program will continue to work in your pc and can be reinstalled if necessary onto another computer in the future. GlobalSCAPE says "Registration and activation services for existing licenses will remain available indefinitely." so that is no problem either.

4) Whether or not GlobalSCAPE is selling CSB to new users, YOUR COPY of CSB will continue to generate HTML that browsers can read and interpret. CSB WILL CONTINUE TO WORK! So continue to use the program to build and maintain sites as usual! Your web pages will not suddenly break any time soon! Browsers are moving forward in capabilities but that does not mean that within the next year or two people will not be able to view your sites! Browsers must be backward compatible so that millions of sites do not suddenly become inoperable at the same time! This change affects GlobalSCAPE more than the users of the CSB program.

5) There is no immediate need to run off to another program! If you want to try other things, that's fine go ahead. But don't do it out of panic and worry as that is not at all necessary! As promised, I have added the NEW FORUM to the site for people that want to switch away from CSB or need support after the switch to another editor. As the Samisite Webmaster Community Forum grows, new tutorials will be added to expand and diversify to fit the need.  Recommendations, trials, samples, comments and input for this area would be great!!

6) There are two UNOFFICIAL support sites for CSB/Trellix and both are still accessible. I can definitely tell you that (my tutorial site) is not going anywhere! KW's other support site has been around longer than mine! He has confirmed that he will keep his site up too.  SO DON'T PANIC! :D

If you have questions about this information, please start a new thread.
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