Author Topic: logging on to CSB5  (Read 2142 times)

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logging on to CSB5
« on: September 25, 2014, 09:44:48 PM »
As about 1 month ago, 9/25/2014 today I get the message "run time error 424" when I try to open up cutesite. I suppose some windows update screwed things up.  I can no longer edit my home page.  Has anyone found a workaround?

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Re: logging on to CSB5
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2014, 08:18:42 AM »
424 is a Visual Basic error.  Never seen one with CSB.
Sounds like a corruption in the code, missing a variable.
Don't know if problem is in CSB or the tlx design file.

No guarantees, but I would try to compact your file.
Chose file, save as and give it a new name.  This gets rid of extra pieces of code not being used, compacts the file.  Use the new file.  Keep old version just in case, as backup.

Also you might go to GlobalSCAPE support page and re download the same version of CSB you have now and reinstall it. Warning! HOSTS (publishing settings) are stored in the registry and will be lost when you uninstall the program. Prevent problems...get
your HOSTING info before you do anything to the CSB program  so you can put the hosts back if necessary. 

Choose File, Publish Web Site, Options, Host Setup tab, click Modify.
Take screen prints and/or write down your hosting settings so you can put them into CSB5.  You must have a user name, password, site name and address, and ftp folder (if your hosts use it).  You can check with your host if you don't remember the password. 

Or do it with export
This involves the Windows Registry, a vital component of your computer system. Use this instruction for advanced users at your own risk.
If you have MANY sites, MANY hosts that you need access (even only once in a while) to maintain or tweak as necessary, then having the host export is a gift! Lots of us have MANY sites, use MANY hosts and the time that is saved by the export is AMAZING. It takes longer to write this than to import all my hosts several times over!
- First you go into your WINDOWS REGISTRY FILES go to start > run > regedit
- Turtle recommends a full export of everything to export all to a folder as a backup
- Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GlobalSCAPE\CuteSITE Builder 3.0\WPProviders\OtherHost
- Now export only the folder that has your host information in it: "right click OtherHost and select EXPORT to the same folder using a file name like csb other hosts" This saves only the one folder not the whole registry.  You can close the registry editor for now.
- Use the ADD & REMOVE programs in your computer's control panel to uninstall your current version of CSB. remove csb. This uninstalling takes OUT the REGISTRY folder that holds all your host information that you exported from the registry. Your host data is gone along with the rest of CSB program files.
- Install the new version of CSB. install csb 5
- Now go back into the WINDOWS REGISTRY go back to regedit (go to start > run > regedit).
I like to do another full registry backup at this point. export all to a folder as a backup. 
- Now you can put the host information back into the registry again and file import. When you ask to file import, it will ask you to find the file to import so browse to and select the file called csb Other hosts.
- When you are done, the WINDOWS REGISTRY will recognize the new CSB program AND your old hosts!
Two minutes vs potential of tedious time with input, after input, after input, after input, after input....

On this page, I give some info about runtime errors... Maybe something listed will help.
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