Author Topic: CSB Backup File Lost  (Read 2603 times)

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CSB Backup File Lost
« on: April 05, 2010, 04:07:59 PM »
I have somehow lost my backup file for my website. I had an external hard drive where I was saving files and it got corrupted somehow and I lost many files. I cannot find my backup file for my website and am in a panic. Is there any way I can go into cpanel and use that file to replace my website? I do not know how to do that, so any help would be appreciated. My website is.
I can't believe this has happened and I need to update my website and cannot figure out how to find my backup files and do it. I can't open any files anymore throught CSB....Thank you!

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Re: CSB Backup File Lost
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2010, 12:01:43 AM »
You are in the same boat as many others!

I have had 3 MAXTOR external drives just STOP working. For no good reason...just because.  :v8slap:
Thankfully, I had the copies on other drives for most of it.

Take a look at this thread set up for just your situation:

FYI, CD's are cheap.  Everynow and then I burn a cd with tlx design files and some of the images, etc.  Yes I have a backup drive, but I also have a few CD's.  If my drive fails, I can at least go back to a previous version of my site and bring it forward if necessary. The CD's are not up to date, but they are another layer of backup since I do not fully trust ANY backup hardware (have had tapes and hard drive fail).
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