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The shelves holding 15 drawer units fell off the wall after being up for more than 10 years!
The drawers containing beads, pearls, ribbons, laces, assorted craft materials tipped over and dumped all over.
The one spot in the house that was organized down to the inch should now be declared a disaster area.

This tiny 9 x 9 room is in working order again!

    view as you enter the room
BEFORE                                                              AFTER

Closet-stash #1      
Sewing machine and pressing board
Stash #3 below iron, #4 on right                                 
Cutting center, Stash #2 + storage under

Like most quilters my stash is larger than the stack of finished pieces.  I collect fabric for it's color and texture.  My stash has spilled to other areas of the house...even under my coffe table in the living room.

I also have done so many other crafts like painting, cross stitch, decoupage, macrame, and so many other things.  The remainder of those crafts are still in this tiny room. The shelves above my cutting table are filled with paints, caulks, brushes, embossing tools, stencils, you name it! I still use many of the tools.

I find that QUILTING takes in all the other crafts I have ever tried, using all the skills I learned with those projects.  

Now that the room is back in action, I will be working on a couple existing projects and designing a couple new ones too.... I need a bathroom rug and will be making a chenille piece to fit the room.

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