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Jeannine and Si
Si thinks this dress is wonderful - goes nuts each time she sees it!.

SI:  04/96
- Female.
- The middle cat.
- Does not understand any human speech.  Stares at you with a blank expression when you talk to her. But still tries.
- Can not pet this cat too much!
- Makes a sighing noise when happy (hence the name).
- Has the sweetest nature. A real pleasure and so glad she adopted me!


Jeannine's cat Silky
Silky smelling the flowers
Sam and Si
Si likes to talk into the mike when I am on NetMeeting

Spaz sassing back as usual
"Snake Face"

spaz - get that hand!           
Gotta get that hand!

Love that purple toy!
Purple toy!

Latest Edition: Oscar  

Oscar and brother Hairball              Sleepy cat
May, 2002                                               December 2002

April 2004

nap buddies

Oscar has become the peacemaker in the family.  The two females always irritated each other, but since Oscar came along, they have all gotten along so much better.  Both females think he's great and he lets them think that!
       willing to share the window

OSCAR:  05/02
- Male.
- The youngest.
- Both females adore him. He knows it and uses it to his advantage!
- Hates to be told NO and will flatten ears when he hears it...but will do what he wants anyway.
- Talkative, gentle, sweet and scared of new things and people.
- Takes all ques from Spaz! If she likes it, then he does too!
SPAZ:  04/91
- Female.
- The oldest, crankiest and most loving cat.  Full of sass!
- My best buddy and protector.
- Anyone entering the house must pay her proper homage or they are treated to her total disdain, growls, and under the breath comments (very funny to hear!).  
- Talks back when spoken to and understands human speech.
- Very Special. A treasure.

pointerIf pointer changes to hand,click on photo to see larger view

Humans know Laxatone as a hairball treatment.
Cats know it as "TREAT!"
I recently found that the tube of Laxatone had been pulled
down through  the rack I place it in and had been chewed on.   

My cat SPAZ has been overseeing all stages of my home renovation, including the painting as you can see here.

Note the new wood laminate floor peaking out from under the plastic!  06-04

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