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NOTE: This site is constantly being updated and expanded.   If you have visited before, you might have to reload/refresh the pages to get the newest version of the pages.

Photo Borders - Put a border around images
Overlap Images - Layer photos for effect
Create a Watermark - lighten image
Insert a photo with transparent background
Image Names - CSB renames images, how to insert description and code to link to images
Lake - Put moving water on a still picture
Java applet - several variations and overlays
Other Applets-Put reflection on an animated image and other Java applets
Slideshow 1 - from Dynamic Drive
Different sizes images flipping
Slideshow - from KW's website
Manually click to next or previous image
Slideshow 2 - from Dynamic Drive
Different sizes images sliding upward
Slideshow3 - from Dynamic Drive
Different sizes images sliding sideways
Xara Thumbnail - Implement 3rd party code
Click thumbnail to see larger image in popup window!
Random Image - Have a different image load each time
Refresh page to see a different picture- 2 versions - with and without links
Slice and manually link images

Galleries - Several ways to display your photos without popup windows & less clicks
Click thumbnail to see larger image  in same window
Film Strip - small thumbnails/larger image.

Mini-Gallery - 8 small thumbnails around a larger image.

DD Thumbnail-Gallery - small thumbnails to large image, no frames used. COOL SCRIPT!

iFrame Gallery1 - View images through a Static iFrame window. Large images require separate pages

iFrame Gallery 2 - View images through a Static iFrame window. Link directly to the large image. No separate page needed.

Animated GIFS - Put a moving image on your page

Photo with Sound - Mouseover a plain or animated image to hear or click to download

Image Map - how to implement, not how to create one.

Logo Branding - floating image

Table of Sliced images - separate images make one photo.  Rounded edges on your table.

[This test area is published with frames]

Visit my web building resources page for links to great programs, sites, scripts!

These tuturials are designed to show that code from Dynamic Drive, Javascript Kit, and other places can be placed into a CSB or Trellix tlx file using Insert > HTML code (Webgem in Trellix).   Some tests on these pages were created not as tutorials, but to check a possible problem in a tlx file, or in the program itself and used to document program release bugs.

I have placed a few pages that say "basics" on the tables above.  These are planned pages.

These are not intended to show the only way something is done, or the best way to do something!
I am not a programmer or professionally trained.  I am just a user of Trellix and CSB.
These are samples and tests I have done to assist others in building their websites or to learn features for use in my own projects.
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