CSB-Trellix TEST AREA 1:
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NOTE: This site is constantly being updated and expanded.   If you have visited before, you might have to reload/refresh the pages to get the newest version of the pages.

Table Basics
extra space shows up below the inner table
merging cells basics - CSB error documented
2 ways to change column widths or row heights
More advanced merging table example
Centereing does not necessarily work
Samisite Home page is made with TABLES
4 samples - PLAIN TEXT or LINKS regular (static) HAND CODE IT: rollover text links in a tables with image background, and 3 layer table    Very Cool!
2 samples - 2 tiny pieces of code   BUT IE ONLY!

[This test area is published with frames - static borders]

Menu BUTTONS - HTML code - no flash needed
Rollover (mouseover) to change color/style
like the button above to link to Test Area 2!
Folding Menu Tree - clickable folder images
make a special menu, works with or without frames
3 versions (1, 2 Javascript Kit, 3 Dynamic Drive)

Border Basics
Double Border DETAIL - idea from Thomas
Static top border, changable 2nd border and middle text-detailed sample. 1st draft Double Border

Direct your visitors with a series of questions
Hidden Site Map - save space - hide the map
This whole test area 1 has a hidden site map!
Anchors - jump to a specific part of the page
Click a link and move to the paragraph you want.

OLD-Not Updated...reference only
Simple 123 method to create a visitor form or customize and existing dull form
Printable form - no email response- interactive
Special Features - require fields, thank you page
Special Features - require fields, highlight, limit..
Special Features - require fields, disable enter...

Visit my web building resources page for links to great programs, sites, scripts!

These tuturials are designed to show that code from Dynamic Drive, Javascript Kit, and other places can be placed into a CSB or Trellix tlx file using Insert > HTML code (Webgem in Trellix).   Some tests on these pages were created not as tutorials, but to check a possible problem in a tlx file, or in the program itself and used to document program release bugs.

I have placed a few pages that say "basics" on the tables above.  These are planned pages.

These are not intended to show the only way something is done, or the best way to do something!
I am not a programmer or professionally trained.  I am just a user of Trellix and CSB.
These are samples and tests I have done to assist others in building their websites or to learn features for use in my own projects.
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