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Quote of the Month
Want a different statement on your site on a monthly basis and have to change it once a year?
This code would be perfect for monthly specials, sales, special theme of the month, and more.

There are tons of daily or random quotes, but this code has only 12 entries, one for each month!

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Before publishing change gEMDIR to GEMDIR or the script will not load properly!
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I have made notes in codes below and it will effect functionality!
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purple arrow Using Trellix or CSB to build your site:
Place this script into an Insert > HTML  (webgem in Trellix)
Adjust code: change ^gEMDIR/ to ^GEMDIR/
Then insert photo file into Webcomponents (Gem files )
Make sure capitalization is same as you used in the code (step 2)!
Example: calendar.gif is not the same as Calendar.gif or CALENDAR.gif. The images in the code must match the true image names (which can NOT have spaces or symbols in them.)

purple arrow NOT using Trellix or CSB to build your site:
Place this script into your web page.
REMOVE the ^GEMDIR/ from code.
Upload your image directly to your site using FTP program.

Change ORANGE items to your quote.
Change BLUE item to your image if you want to use one.
Note: If you do not want to use an image, then REMOVE <img src="^GEMDIR/calendar.gif"> from the script.
 Change GREEN item to your header.


QUOTE of the MONTH script
Can be used for tips, sales, specials, themes, etc.
Samantha Conway

var today_obj=new Date()
var today_month=today_obj.getMonth()+1

var tips=new Array()
//Update Header above the quote and and input an image if you want one
var tiptitle='<img src="^GEMDIR/calendar.gif"> <b>Quote of the month:</b><br>'

//Input your quotes.  One for each month
tips[1]='Type January here'
tips[2]='Type February here'
tips[3]='Type March here'
tips[4]='Type April here'
tips[5]='Type May here'
tips[6]='Type June here'
tips[7]='Type July here'
tips[8]='Type August here'
tips[9]='Type September here'
tips[10]='Type October here'
tips[11]='Type November here'
tips[12]='Type December here'