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It's a family environment with wonderful assistance from experienced users of Trellix and CSB.  Read other posts to get ideas, or if you need help with a project, post a question!
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Best 'Unofficial CSB Support Site' by KW
Web resources and tutorials by Curtis
Curtis: web resources
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See the 'Trial and Error' section by Thomas
personal and support
The Pets Corner' by Turtle
Turtle's help site

Turtle: Pets Corner

Template Factory

These really kind folks  have trained, assisted, prodded, encouraged, tweaked curiosity and challenged.
They made the journey FUN!
Stover Data Systems by Lianna

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 Helpful Resources
At the time of posting, all these recommendations are scumware/adware clean!


irfanview logo
"IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP."   This is so much nicer than the viewers that come with windows that are so limited.  It even runs mpg ad flash movies (make sure you get the plugins!)
purple arrow This program also makes ICONS just by choosing FILE SAVE AS and very quick 3-d buttons from any image!   

Buy it once, updates free! "
Make a screen print of what you see on your computer screen. Vista and Win 7 come with a basic SNIP tool for screen capture but is NOT tied to your Print Screen button. Instead, I use this tiny PORTABLE scrolling screen capture utility that does so many things well, replacing several other little programs I used to use (and recommend on this page).  The scrolling feature captures web pages that are just too long for Snip tool. Write on the screen print, change the edge or hightlight something. Ruler, Color Picker, Image Editor, Screen Magnifier and Screen Recorder. Put this on a USB stick, plug it into any Windows computer you use without installing. Take your favorite tool with you. Free trial, and if you like it and pay for it, says you get all updates free forever. $19.95 BEST BEST BEST   LOVE IT!

Compare with:                                                                      
purple arrow Capture (used by Curtis) FREEWARE
purple arrow SnagIt (used by KW) US$39.95
purple arrow Printkey 2000    FREEWARE  for XP (unavailable)

If you want an all-in-one program that handles your photos, graphics AND website design, then Designer Pro (XDP) is the best option for your needs. Only one program to use/upgrade. At this point the program has matured to a very well rounded program and has become my number one go-to program for anything graphic related. Even though I use it to build some websites, I still use it to prepare graphics for insertion into other website software.  When considering price, remember the XDP is compatible with most functions of Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics) + Corel Paint Shop Pro (raster images) + HTML Navigation menus & buttons + HTML website generator  based on graphics.  Yet is less than the cost of just one of those!  With an easier learning curve.

If you need graphics editor with photo abilities then Photo & Graphic Designer  (P&GD) may fit the bill. This version does not make web pages.

Looking for a great complete photo program?  
Corel bought out JASC.  They have revamped PSP but it is still a great program. This one does almost everything that  Adobe PhotoShop does at a fraction of the price!  I've used both.  The only thing missing is a couple filters you will never miss.  The tutorials in the Jasc's Learning Center are terrific and there are a ton of tutorial sites, see link list for a few I have used.  PhotoShop can't compare in the tutorials and learning curve!  Image mapping, image slicing, optimizing, fixing, special effects, web buttons, are all part of this software - no need to have separate software for it!
                 PSP logo        PSP user group logo       link to another site which does a better job of explaining than I could

Yes, you can make thumbnails in other photo software (PSP, Photoshop & Photosuite among others in my stash), but the easiest way is to use this little lightweight, simple program for one photo or an entire batch!
"a popular FREEWARE utility for creating accurate thumbnail images and scaled-down/up copies from a wide range of popular picture formats".
An ONLINE image editor.  Several effects.  Otimizer for GIF and JPG images.  3 clicks to replace a color in an image, or change backgorund to transparent on gif or animated gif (all frames at one time)!   Be sure to click NO to annoying popups otherwise you may end up with software you do not want. But even with the numerous pop-up ads and offers, it's a nice simple editor if you can't get to your regular software out of office, away from home, etc.    FREE
"Meracl ImageMap Generator is a program which with ease lets you make clickable images - so called image maps...Image mapping doesn't get any easier than this"   FREEWARE

Compare with:
purple arrow Paint Shop Pro (full image software includes mapping, see above)
purple arrow Handy ImageMapper  FREEWARE (unavailable)
purple arrow Globalscape CuteMAP ImageMapper  US$20 (unavailable)

"Your photos on Your Website...Gallery is a slick web based photo album written using PHP. With Gallery you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface. Photo management includes automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing, rotation, ordering, captioning, searching and more. Albums can have read, write and caption permissions per individual authenticated user for an additional level of privacy."  Friends and relatives can leave comments. Slick photo treatment for large albums! Forums and tech support. FREEWARE

This chart is specifically designed to match the CSB (and Trellix) color palette.  Hex codes are identified for each color.  256 colors are on the page, including the web safe colors.
Also made a second version of the page that allows you to see the 256 text colors against all 256 background colors, matching the CSB - Trellix color chart. Choose a background color then scroll to see which text colors work well against that background. Found other charts that do the same kind of thing, but they did not use the CSB - Trellix palette.

"On this page you will find a table of color names that are supported by newer versions of both Netscape and Internet Explorer.  If you want to write correct HTML you should use the Color HEX values."

Nice FREE interactive ONLINE chart that you click a color and a window loads with that color as a background and text is shown in all other available colors.  Makes choosing coordinating colors easy!
Need help putting complimentary colors together?  Can't seem to choose colors that go well together?  PIXY is the BEST site to help!
FREE ONLINE color tools that are extremely helpful and terrific printed materials (charts, html help)
FREE ONLINE color picker  shows Hex codes, names, rgb codes, web safe
 web design-editor
I highly recommend Xara's Web Designer Premium (XWDP) for easy web designing with “fun” factor. This is also an excellent choice for current CSB software users needing a replacement. Don’t bother with the basic version. It is lacking tools you will need.

purple arrow HTML Editors
Don't use NotePad to edit your scripts you want to put into your website.  Instead, use an HTML editor.  

purple arrow AceHTML FREEWARE  by Visicom Media
purple arrow AceHTML 5 Pro     US$24.95 by Visicom Media
purple arrow CuteHTML:  US$19.95 by Globalscape  Pro version: US $29.95
purple arrow Ultra Edit-32 :   US$35.00   (used by KW)
purple arrow HandyHTML: 2 ver: US$34.95  & $44.95 (includes mapper & other tools)

Great information on how to get your site listed on search engines written by Total Choice Hosting for best SEO   FREE valuable advice!

purple arrow Search Engine Tips-Suggested by David Teyong on the CSB forum
EXCELLENT resource!!  By the way, the first advice states not to use frames!  But if you do, make sure you use <noframes> </noframes> tags.  CSB puts them in for you, that's why CSB built sites do well in the search engine lists, even if they are built with frames!  CSB rules!
 other special web software

"Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for MS-Word/Excel etc). Using Wink you can capture screenshots of your software, use images that you already have, type-in explanations for each step, create a navigation sequence complete with buttons, delays, titles etc and create a highly effective tutorial for your users."  FREEWARE by Satish Kumar

I have used this wonderful gem to create some of the flash tutorials available for viewing on this site and highly recommend it!  Output can be in Flash, PDF or HTML format.  Examples: Adjust tables  Publish Settings
"AceFTP 3 Freeware is the easiest Free software available for transferring files over the Internet. Its cool, uncluttered drag 'n' drop interface designed in a Windows XP fashion, lets you transfer files quickly and efficiently, and navigate with ease between folders, and both website and computer."  FREEWARE by Visicom Media

Compare with:
purple arrow CoreFTP Lite  FREEWARE that even lets you change file permissions!
purple arrow CuteFTP  US$39.95  by Globalscape
purple arrow WSFTP  US$39.95 - US$45.00  by Ipswitch
purple arrow Swish   SwishMax and
other Swish products
Make Flash movies without the huge price tag!
" is the home of easy-to-use and affordable Flash™ animation tools...SWiSH is the world's most popular Flash tool outside of Flash itself."  Different versions have different prices.
"Create a web menu bar or dhtml menu for your web sites"
This program works well  across browsers, with or without frames in CSB and Trellix! Lite and Pro editions.  Making many sites?  Get PRO. 3 OLD Samples here, including Cross frames (menu in border, drop down in body)
"Create professional, high-quality NavBars & DHTML menus at the click of a button. Xara Menu Maker takes the mystery out of dynamic hierarchical menus and lets literally anyone create cool and clever DHTML menus with classic graphical NavBars."  
"Using this unique software, everyone can create interactive and calculating web pages!"  A small sample is demonstrated in the test area of this site: finance calculator     (formerly Excel Everywhere)
"So you want to display a HTML file when people put your CD in.."
This FREE Shellexe.exe  program from WhirlyWiryWeb allows you to place your HTML  pages onto a CD, put the disk into the drive and have it automatically load!  So Easy to use!  I've used this sucessfully!
purple arrow Autorun - used and recommended by KW
Selling something that will be downloaded after purchase?  Consider this program.  " Linklok URL allows you to place links to download files on your website while securely hiding the true location of the files."  $29.95  This program is highly recommended by CSB user, Vicki Harrelson, the webmaster of Needle Me That (crochet patterns).  
"This Windows crossword maker program has everything you need to create great educational, professional, and web crossword puzzles." Elegant, easy interface. Limited version is FREE, and is usable on the web.  Buy to unlock additional features.
 script sites
 (these sites do not require membership to use scripts/tutorials!)
the #1 place on the net to obtain free, original DHTML scripts and components to enhance your web site!   FREE
DHTML, HTML, Javascript, etc. scripts, forums, etc.  FREE
DHTML, HTML, PHP, CGI Perl, Javascript, etc. scripts,  FREE


"Inside W3Schools you will find a large number of free Web-building tutorials, from basic HTML and XHTML tutorials to advanced XML, XSL and WAP tutorials."
Also Certification programs: "...documented knowledge is often the key factor when hiring new personnel. Your certificate might advance your career or help you to start a new one."   FREE
Tutorials, Primers, code explanation, a GREAT starting place for beginners! Need simple instruction with no "geek speak"?  This site is for you.  FREE great resource even for experience users.
A simple iframe message board for your website. I love it!  $10/yr
Still using it after 4 years!  Still reliable, still an asset to my home page.
2 styles available:  Regular on my home page, or painted wall style graffiti
purple arrow Tag-board FREE with ads, $20/yr to remove them (on KW's website)
How to limit Spam from your posted email address
purple arrow OBFUSCATOR - use combination of characters for emal addy.
purple arrow Email Encoder- change the address  to decimal equivalent
purple arrow Spambots  Another site with good information about Spam!
Note that these will NOT stop your email address from being harvested!
 clip art

animated and static clips for free
Clip Art. Fonts.  Icons.  Animated gifs. Buttons. Bullets.  Bars.  FREE-no commercial restriction that I found!  Makers of the MyImager editor.

"Over 10,000 free clip art images in over 300 categories..."  No commercial restriction that I found!
 pc maintenance

PERFECT program for keeping a list of your passwords.  Encryption, tiny size, EASY use portability.  FREE or paid versions. The FREE version has no nag screens, adware or scumware.  I now use the paid version so I can run it from ANY USB thumbdrive on ANY machine (Win 9*SE, WinME, WinXP, Vista). LOVE IT!.  Use it to hold all my program registrations, serial numbers, site registrations, program notes, website name it.  LOVE IT!
" a community committed to offering free computer help and tutorials, in a way that everyone can understand, not 'geek-speak'".  Great FREE help for problems with your PC!
Nationally syndicated radio program all about computers, for non-geeks.  Has terrific Daily Tips,  programs and site suggestions.
Ever need to know what those items are in the Task List when you press Ctrl Alt Del?  This site is terrific for defining which program and if its safe to END TASK.  FREE
Though useful in building websites, this software is far more versatile.
"KeyText 2000 automates much more than typing. Your texts can become like macro scripts by including fields to fill in the date, run programs, click buttons, change windows, select menu items, play a sound, display a message, visit Internet sites and more." - KeyText site

"I bought a keyboard macro program called KeyText, which
is SUPER helpful when creating web sites involving, for example, lots of use of tables. I've set it up to get to the common table commands with one keypress. Also to automatically insert a table with my own specified number of rows & columns, column widths, etc." - Lou from the discussion board
purple arrow Adware - Scumware

purple arrow Spybotsd FREE

purple arrow Ad Aware FREE

Why be concerned? This type of program:
robs you of internet connection speed and time;
works behind the scenes to provide your private information to a remote server;
often compromises your computer (and network) security;
and interfers with viewing websites by adding new links or text or ads that were never written into the pages by the webmaster or;
makes browsing the internet for business or pleasure a frustrating chore;
often overlay site information with someone else's ad;
redirecting your browser away from the site you wanted to see and carry you to sites you never wanted to visit!

Yes, this stuff is sneaky. Usually it enters your system while you are installing some piece of software that you have downloaded. Most often it can be uninstalled or disabled using software like Spybotsd (FREE). Read more about what to do about scumware/foistware/adware problem here:
Trend Micro's FREE online virus scanner.
After a scan, it tells you what the virus is AND more importantly, how to get rid of it!!!

Anti-virus programs must be maintained.  You must receive definition updates from your anitvirus company on a regular basis, or you are not protected!   (Definitions are written AFTER a new virus/bug/trojan is discovered.)

Even if you are protected, you still may have a resident virus that got past detection (before the definition was written).  Visit  this site and have a full system scan performed free of charge.  No data is taken from your computer and other than the plugin to your IE browser, nothing is installed.  No information about you or your files is taken by Trend.  

We switched to Trend for our corporate antivirus program because the online Housecall scan was finally able to track down a couple viruses that were causing systems problems, but couldn't be found by another very well known product.
This is the highest standard for computerized quilt design.  It is also a fun graphic program that allows you to use fabrics as your textures.  (It's not freeware but I had to include it!)  They have several other programs, and the fabric/textures are all readable  into the design program.
purple arrow  Sew Precise
purple arrow  Block Base
purple arrow  Stash

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