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I will be adding alot more photos in this section in the next  few months!

Jeannine (mother)

My brother Jamie.
He has Paul Newman blue eyes
and a wicked sense of humor!
Click his image to see an older image of him
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Samantha & Mom
 in front of The Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Theme Park - 2000
Sam and Jeannine at Animal Kingdom
Jamie Bissell, my very interesting brother!

Mothers Day 2003 - Jeannine with flamingos
Jeannine and her pet flamingos
(nah really, they were a surprise delivery on Mother's Day 2003)

65th anniversary collage
Helen and Sylvester Price
65th Wedding anniversary (2000)
Frank and Pat (Uncle and Aunt)
Jeannine (mother)
Frank and Pat
Frank and Pat
(my fav photo of them!)

family Jan 2000
Taken Jan 1 2000

on Jamie's tiny minibike!

Pa Jamie Frank with the Enfield
3 generations of bike lovers:
Grandfather, Brother,  Uncle
Always have to go outside to
 check out  the current "ride"

My father - Christmas 2001
Richard Bissell (father)
Was the lead head hunter for the industrial hose industry, and a softy for any lost or lonely critter.  He even helped smuggle a kitten that later became a world traveler:
Roll your mouse over image to see the view  of the Hawks Nest from the Biplane!
The wing was tipped straight down to the ground to get the picture.   
Besides being my Mom, she's been my rock, my best friend in good and bad times.
Samantha and Jeannine

My  Dad's parents

Flower basket - impressionist style

July 2004, my father, mother and brother.  These are the last photos taken of my father.
SURPRISE!   All wrapped up in my work!   Wearing some of the web work - looks like a shawl!
6 people, 6 cans of silly string....only 1 target!
My coworkers got me  from all directions!
That's teamwork!...or should I say Web Work!
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In loving memory:
 Helen Price 1910-2002  (Mom)
Shown with Silky, Christmas 2001

Mom - Christmas 2001
My grandmother was a remarkable lady.  As a school teacher, she taught several grades in the same classroom.  She taught me long division with such patience, sitting at the kitchen table. She was a baker, constantly working on cookies, pies, cakes. She sent care packages of cookies packed in popcorn...all edible! OH, and her FUDGE and banana bread!  YUMMY!  The best pumpkin pie ever! She studied the bible in the evenings, and played solitaire at the kitchen counter or table, but mostly she worked crossword puzzles! Oh my.  Falling asleep with pencil in hand, head dropping for a few minutes then snapping back up and completing the puzzle. She was a crafter and often sewed clothes, curtains, did needlwork, and got into MANY large projects like renovating a whole house on her own (painting, staining, scrubbing, designing, you name it)!  Her sense of humor was terrific and when she and my grandfather would get talking about family or old times, they could really get to laughing.  They loved each other and fed off that relationship.  In her later years, she was jealous of the other old women in the area that clearly had eyes for my grandfather....he was nibble and limber...a great catch if he became available... and of course my grandfather loved the attention it generated. She gave so much love, so much of herself and found it extremely difficult to accept help from others because she was so independent all of her life. Mom taught us to have courage, to try something even if we weren't sure we could do it!  She was loyal and strong, needed and loved! Our family is not the same without her.  I miss her guidance and input.
 Sylvester Price 1910-2003  (Pa)
Shown with Jeannine, Christmas 2002

Pa - Christmas 2002
Ves drove a cattle truck, flew a plane, rode motorcycles, sold INDIAN motorcycle parts, was a gifted pianist, and loved to play pool.  He was a proud member of the Liars Club and would tell a whopper to you at the drop of a hat (course the twinkle in his eye told you not to believe).  He loved to play games of chance (bingo, cards, and even things like Yatzee and Aggravation and Dominos).  He WON a lot.  Close friends suspected him of cheating because he was too lucky, but he didn't.  He WAS very lucky indeed and laughed because he would win even if others were dealing or throwing the dice, etc for him!  He bought a house because he fell in love with the free standing garage!  He was an easy Dad, letting his kids get away with much when he was home.  He loved to tease cats and dogs, and they enjoyed his playful attention. Even up to his last days, he was excited by the space program. He adored my grandmother and was lost when she passed.  He was a gentle kind man, well loved, and so missed.

Paul Bissell 1905-1989  (Ted)
Doris Bissell 1911-1993  (Sarge)
Church photo from1986
Ted worked at the foundry in Milan and then later in construction.  When construction would die down in the winter in Michigan, they would travel to New York to stay on the farm.

My father's parents were real down to earth people.  Family was important to them. They took care of Grampa's father for years.  They had lost touch with one of their sons (Roger) and always wished they knew what became of him.  

Gramma was an excellent cook and Grampa was an excellent eater.  Her apple pie was to die for!  According to my mother, Grampa was the only person she ever saw that liked a chuck of roast beef with his chocolate cake!

My grandmother was stern and demanded compliance from those around her.  Known for her "bossy" demeanor, my father and grandfather called her 'Sarge'.  She found the name amusing,  She put those qualities to good use in her duties as a nurse.  Gramma would often scold Grampa for just about anything and driving in the car, she provided a constant stream of instructions to the designated driver.  Watching Grampa drive with Gramma's instructions was like watching a comedy act.  Each would grump at each other, sometimes quite loudly.  I remember a time that Grampa pulled over to the side of the road and told her that SHE should drive or shut her yap.  I was in the back seat and it took everything I had to not burst out laughing when he got back on the road and it started all over again.  It was just their way.  

Doris did have a tender side.  She was foster mother to 33 children over several years!    Her daughter Janice was her pride and joy, believing in and encouraging her musical abilities.  
Ted could be very harsh sometimes.  And gracious the language that would come flying out!  But he also had a softer gentler side.  He could be quiet for hours, just reading his Louis L'Amour westerns or studying his National Geographics.  He really enjoyed sitting back and watching what was happening around him.  He had a gentle smile and wicked wink when he knew my grandmother was not looking.

Gramma and Grampa both loved to fish.  They often traveled the country in their airstream and other trailers.
Grampa waddled when he walked because of his bowed legs.   

I did not have enough time with them.  We lived in Germany for many years and finally settled in Florida. They lived fairly near us for a few years then moved out of state.  

The last time I saw Grampa was at my father's 50th birthday in Little Rock Arkansas (1985).  At 80, Grampa was strong as an ox, lifting the back side of a car up while my father got a jack in place to change a flat tire. Gramma and I were amazed.  If I can find the picture I took that day, I will post it!

I saw Gramma shortly after Grampa had passed.  She came for a lovely visit to Florida. She was happy.  She had lost weight and looked great!  She brought me a photo that Grampa had in his wallet when he died.  It was my worn and faded baby picture!  He had carried it all those years!  Told you he had a soft side!  Her last year was a good one. Traveling with other ladies and just having fun.

Richard Bissell - my father
July 1935-October 2004

    Lung cancer and heart disease took him too early and he will be missed.  He was a dreamer with a charismatic personality.  Loud, boistrous and very opinionated, you always knew where you stood with him and who he wanted in each political race!  He cussed like the former sailor he was and could be very disagreeable or totally charming depending on his mood.
    He was a sucker for any stray animal and often had cats and dogs adopt him. He had a gentleness that animals brought out.

In younger years, his grace on the dance floor with my mother used to cause people to stop dancing and watch.

    When offered a job in Germany, he took the whole family with him. We lived there 7 years. He gave us a terrific gift: we traveled around europe but didn't do the standard tourist stuff. Instead he had a knack to find out where the locals ate and stayed so we could experience the sights and sounds and tastes of the true country, not the sanitized Holiday Inn version... Those trips helped to shape my view of the world and my pride in my own country. He went back a few more times to visit friends.
   His favorite pasttimes were watching old movies and history channel,  playing cards on the internet (Euchre) with friends and all SPORTS!  He died the morning after the Boston Redsox won against the NY Yankees taking them into the World Series.
    He was a crafter, gardener, carpenter and had many other accomplishments. A salesman at heart, he became the best Executive Personal Search professional in the industrial hose industry and retired a few years ago.
    Unfortunately his health deteriorated and he did not get to enjoy his retirement.  

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