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Meet the New Neighbors!

Lately several people in my neighborhood have noticed bad smells.
But not every day.
Seems to happen most often on or near holidays.
Some times it is noticed on the weekend

When I mention bad smell....I mean REALLY BAD.
How bad?

Think sewage and rot.  

Ok... so bad that many of us took to the streets in the area
to go house to house checking where the smell was coming from!

The air was so foul we could not stay outside for long.
And could not find the source...the smell was everywhere!
No direct source.

Maybe septic tank, going bad..... but no. That would be all the time.

Two months later....still smell comes and goes.

We finally figured out the source.
The smell is like rotten death.

This weekend, I finally saw my NEWEST NEIGHBORS!

If your cooking smells attract a tree full
of 7 buzzards:

The dead pine tree is in the backyard of the house
next to mine.
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