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Publishing Errors
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Generally, you should not have to adjust the publishing settings in CSB, UNLESS:
- YOU have changed your password for the account
- your HOST moved the account to a different server (case sensitive, address change, etc)
- your HOST changed the ftp settings for security, etc.
- your HOST changed the folder layout and now requires different ftp folder
- you MOVE to another HOST.

purple arrow WHAT IS YOUR ERROR?  Best answer is found when you log your errors!
If you receive a publishing error, check off the option to LOG COMMUNICATION WITH SERVER, then try to publish again!

This time, CSB will log the entire publishing process.   No log file is created on your website or computer.  CSB provides the log error details in the lower window to help diagnose the problem. Many times (not this particular case), the details are very specific.
CAUSE OF THIS ERROR:  The image below is a screen print of an error I purposely caused!  
When publishing to a subdirectory, the name of the subdirectory is put into that field.  DO NOT add a / before the name of the subdirectory or you will encounter a 501 error.
Larger window on the bottom only appears if you have checked to log communication!

Can't see the changes I uploaded.

Clear all temporary internet files. Can do it a couple ways.
1) through the IE tools > Internet Options area (make sure you have some other website in the browser window, not your own when you clean it out)
2) Start Programs Accessories System Tools Disk Clean up.

Reset your viewing options in your browser window to refresh your content each time you visit. In Internet Explorer, choose
Tools >  Internet options > Temporary internet files > Settings
Click for every time you visit.

Also, are you publishing your files to the "public" folder of your hosted site? Many hosts define a specific folder that you must publish to (web, public, www, public_html, etc). If you are not publishing to the correct folder, your changes would not appear, even if you are sending the data to your correct host and correct server.  CSB must enter the correct folder directly.  It can not change folders once it is connected.     Some hosts change how they want files to be posted to accounts.  I have seen one host go from no folder to an assigned folder and account holders did not know about it until AFTER it happened.  Any page published OUTSIDE of that folder will not be visible on the website. Check your publishing settings with the host. See if they now use a specific folder.

Are you publishing to the right server?  Sounds like a crazy question but, years ago, my old host migrated my website files to a new server (they were planning to replace the old one). I kept publishing to the old server since they had not notified me that the IP address I was using to pubish had changed. The changes went to the old server instead of the new server. The DNS pointed to the new server so NONE of the changes I made or uploaded went to the website. Until I contacted my host to find out how to update my publishing settings none of the changes went to the "public" website so could not be seen in my browser. SO....check your publishing settings with your host. They may need tweaking!

Running your own Linux Server?  Check this setting that Vaniello posted on the GS forum:
"I believe I've found what was causing the issue. The Apache web server was caching the old pages or telling IE to cache the pages. Once I turned off mod_cache and mod_disk_cache in Apache everything worked as expected."

 Login Required

If you have already stored your user name and password in the Host Setup fields, yet you get this notice when you try to publish, check with your web host.  This  error is an indication of a problem on your web provider side - not anything to do with CuteSITE Builder. Try to publish later.  If it continues to happen, contact your web host and report the problem.

Exception: If you have a new website, you may have been using the original "temporary settings" for a new account. ALL ACCOUNT holders are told to use these settings until the web site resolves  (usualyy a couple days), then expected to use the settings included in their welcome email.  Go back to the welcome email and check your settings.

 Can not download TlxTransfer.txt
1) Consider waiting a bit.  The problem could be with your host not your tlx file.
2) Check to make sure you have not enabled the 'save HTML locally' option - in some cases, it can interfere with publishing.
3) Try deleting the TlxTransfer.txt file on your web site...(Use an FTP program to access the files).  This will force CSB to republish all pages in that directory
4) Some others in the past have gone to the extreme of deleting all existing CSB files (.htm etc) from their web site and republish.


Two different solutions depending on your situation!

1) Low system resources.  Shut down the program and restart it.  Try to publish again.  Often clears the problem.  On some systems, problem is not cleared until you restart your computer.  If you have this situation use CSB or Trellix with very few other programs open at the same time.

2) When you preview, the program is storing a copy of the website files in your Windows temporary folder. Apparently windows can't update that folder.

Try clearing your temporary internet files.  Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files.  If your system's temporary cache is full, the program can not write to it easily.

CSB and Trellix 2.7 PA:  Define your HTML folder for previewing under the publishing options.    Note: Before publishing to the web, uncheck the local HTML folder box and when you want to preview, check it again.

Older Trellix versions:
Next time you preview your site, look at the address bar at the top of the window. Write down the address. This is what temporary file that Windows is using to preview your site. Close the window. Now go find the the Temporary folder on your system. When you do, you can right click on the folder and "send to Desktop" to create a link to it.
From then on, just before preview, click on your link to that temporary folder, clear the contents (Ctrl A Selects all of it in one quick keystroke). Now preview your site. According to the other post, that clearing stops the error. I have never had that error so I dont know for sure.
Possible alternative:
Do you have a FILE > Export feature or under Preview > Options, can you assign an HTML directory? (some older Trellix do, some versions don't have these) If so, export to/assign HTML a new folder named PREVIEW in your My Documents area (so you can find it). This is like Preview, but stores the files in a file of your choosing, bypassing Windows temporary files - no more error.
Avoid all of that-Upgrade to CSB, define your HTML folder for previewing and work!


A 20302 error is an indication of a problem on your web provider side - not anything to do with CuteSITE Builder. Or with your computers!

Don't Panic. DO NOT reinstall CSB on your computer. It is not broken.
And your tlx design file is intact so don't get twisted about that either!
No your website is NOT corrupted even if your host has told you that!

You can get this error in 2 ways. One is easy to resolve, the other can be too depending on your web host.
1) You can receive this error if you decide to CANCEL/STOP your publishing while it is in process.
To clear that, do a file save as, give the file a new name to compact it and then republish the full file to your website. After that, the file will publish only changes again like normal.

2) If #1 does not work,you will need to contact your web provider.
- Have them check your username/password/ftp folder settings
- Have them check your account for any known problems.
- Check if they have recently made changes to your server or your account.
- Is the account on the same server? Or has it been moved because the old machine was being replaced? Settings may have changed or your account may have moved to another server completely so your settings may need to be tweaked.
- Have they recently been working on the server and left something in maintenance mode, etc so you can not access your site?      >>If they did maintenance on the server recently, they may NOT admit it.  Please know that not all hosts will admit when they have a problem, or if they fix an issue, they may not admit that either! Some hosts refuse to accept any responsibility for any error! Believe me, I have had dealings with those types of hosts!    (In the past, this 20302 error most frequently was reported by people that hosted with Fortune City and Tripod.  Sometimes took a LONG time to get resolved because Fortune City and Tripod were well known for server issues!)

Your host may tell you that everything is fine, then 2 hours later suddenly you can publish again. Out of the blue it works again.  YA RIGHT.

As you can see, USUALLY this resolves itself mysteriously in a few hours or days without YOUR intervention! Usually you must wait it out.  Just remember that a 20302 error is totally dependent on your host.  It is not caused by you, or your computer. And your settings will only change if the host has changed something!


In August 2007, this issue came up so this is what I found when researching:

On the old GlobalSCAPE forum, I found a 2003 KW post about 429 error:
"I went back thru the archives messages for this newsgroup, and on Dec 28, 2000 (yep almost 3 years ago) a user posted that they were getting the 429 error, and ultimately what fixed it was to uninstall and reinstall Trellix Web. "

"Unfortuneatley it sounds like something is corrupt in the Active x section of Trellix - Melanie-at-Trellix "

With Trellix, the problem was in the WEBGEMS, built in extras. Since CSB is built on that frame, the same fix COULD work for you.

So.... I recommend:
Make sure you have your publishing settings recorded somewhere, and write down your serial number (take a screen print of the HELP ABOUT screen in CSB) then you could
1) try to install CSB OVER your current CSB (use same version of program to patch it).   (cover CSB4 with CSB4)
2) if 1 does not work, try an uninstall, reboot, reinstall. But be warned, if you do that, your websites will be "fresh" and will need to re-publish all pages again because the program will have no memory of the publishing process.

The full uninstall/reinstall resolved the problem back in 2007 and 2003!

FYI, Trellix/CSB are not the only programs that get runtime error 429. Windows/Office products can get them too. It's usually traced to faulty automation sequence (a series of internal steps to complete a project often for converting data from one format to another). Can be faulty DLL (driver), or Active X handler is missing or corrupted. Sometimes those problems generate a familiar message of 'Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object', etc. Again fix is complete uninstall/reinstall of the program with the error.


500 is a generic notice. Syntax error, command unrecognized, command line too long.  Can also means invalid port command.

The only host that has reported this before was Tripod/Lycos. And they had constant connectivity issues. Usually it was on the HOST side! Often could not support long-term connections. Reported for YEARS!

Try changing your PASSIVE setting.  Some hosts need passive others do not. (Publishing OPTIONS and Modify the host)   Usually this resolves.
Check the port your host uses.  Is your host still using port 21? Or have they changed a setting at their end? If they are not listening on port 21, you will need to adjust that in your publishing options.
Check your firewall. Make sure you have two way communication for CSB. Full rights in and out are necessary for publishing.
Have you tried connecting to your host in any other way? Using FTP program? Input the same exact settings into an FTP program and see if you are able to connect. If not, you will need to contact host to verify settings.
Note that this error MIGHT be on the HOST side. Meaning there is nothing YOU can do to fix.  Must contact host to resolve.


1) host has changed something or is working on the server.

2) Check your host settings again. Publish, Options, Host setup tab, MODIFY and check to see what you have put into the FTP directory field. Many hosts define a specific folder within your assigned space that holds your public files (the website). Though FTP programs can often connect to another folder on your hosted space, CSB must connect only to the public folder that holds your website files. If your host has defined that folder (often named public, public_html, www, web, httpdocs, etc....) you must define that folder in CSB. Trying to connect to the wrong folder with CSB will also cause the 550 error.

3) If you are connecting to the correct folder but the CSB tlx file is still unable to access the existing TlxTransfer.txt file that is already on your site. That file Could have gotten corrupted or damaged or just plain does not match the current tlx design file data.

A 550 error indicates an access / permissions problem.
Connect to your web site via FTP or the control panel for your site at your host (sometimes called file manager, etc), and delete at least the TlxTransfer.txt file. This will force Trellix Web/CSB to republish your entire file and reset the TlxTransfer.txt file again so future uploads from that new computer will be changes only.

If that still does get CSB to republish, connect into your site again and rename (do not delete!!!) this file: index.htm to xindex.htm and index.html to xindex.html and republish. Only once you are published again can you delete those renamed files. NOTE: if for some reason you can not publish, you can rename the files again to remove the x so your site will appear again! (without the index.htm file, your site will not have a home page...that's why we rename the file instead of deleting so we can put it back if needed.
If you don't have an FTP program, two nice free versions you could use can be downloaded here: (CoreFTP Lite) and (AceFTP)
CuteFTP by Globalscape is the most popular paid-for FULL version FTP program.

[To clarify, with an FTP program, you can see the files on your computer on one side of the screen, and the files on your website on the other side of the screen. You can then manually transfer files back and forth from your machine to your website, or remove a file from the website directory, or even move them around (which is not a good idea!). An FTP program comes in handy on occasion. There may be times you need to manually upload a file to the site, etc. CSB has FTP ability built in and it is used to connect to your site when you ask to publish! But CSB's version doesn't let YOU pick and choose files like the FTP program does so that's why you needed a separate program to be able to remove these files.] Visit this page for screen prints and other info on using FTP

 input past end of file

This issue came up with SEVERAL Tripod/FortuneCity siteowners back in 2002, but was not limited only to that host. After many posts back and forth on the discussion board, the final recommended process turned out to be:

1)  Be sure your temp files are cleaned out (Disk Cleanup), run a ScanDisk, and reboot your PC
2)  From Trellix (CSB), do a File > Save As, and give your .tlx file a new name. Then try to republish. If it works, you're done. (I do not expect this to resolve the issue, but it does help to compact the file and get rid of other non-essential data in the file.)
3)  If not, you may want to access your site via FTP (unless you can accessi your web site files with a File Manager, etc) and delete the file TlxTransfer.txt and then publish again. This process usually resolves the problem.

Trellix and CSB both use that file to VERIFY the contents of your website and determine which pages need to be uploaded to the site. If that file becomes corrupted for any reason (like stopping in publishing process) you get assorted errors, including this one.

This error also happened when there was a corruption in the actual tlx design file.  MAKE SURE YOU MAKE BACKUPS so you can go back to a previous version if necessary!

 using proxy connection

With a PROXY connection you will not be able to direct publish with Trellix or CSB.  Globalscape has not come up with a new workaround or patch that I know of.

Your only choices for using CSB for publishing are:
1) Use a different internet connection.

2) Use the PREVIEW function in CSB to publish to your own computer (you define the folder in the publishing options area) then you would use an FTP program to upload the files to your website.  Here's a free FTP program that DOES support PROXY settings:  (I can not assist you in the setup.)

HISTORY: Back in 2000, that issue was known and this was part of the post made by a Trellix employee: (Trellix developed the original code, then sold it to Globalscape and it became CSB)
"Are you behind a proxy server or firewall? You might have to speak with your network administrator to be sure. Trellix does not fare too well against them (we are working on it). If you are behind onw, talk with your Net Admin and see if they can give you access. If not, you can try publishing through a different internet service provider.   -Nessie "
And also: in answer to this question: Is it so hard to include proxy support to Trellix upload routines?
Nessie said "According to our developers, yes actually. There are actually a lot of proxies, and all are different."
And Maria at Trellix posted this to someone else:
"The error message you are getting sounds like you are behind a firewall or proxy server? Is this the case? Some countries like China, Singapur, Saudi Arabia and Australia are all behind a firewall and users can't use the one-step publishing feature of Trellix.   -Maria"

 Switching from framed to no frames

Top borders sometimes expand.  THIS is not a CSB/Trellix error.

 other things to check or try

If CSB hangs up in the publishing process (example: determining updates required never finishes), then you may have a corruption in the file itself. Probably on the last page you were working on. Consider trying a backup file, or using this technique to open the file with no open page. Then delete the last page you were working from (using the map) and FILE SAVE AS to rename the file and compact it.  Try publishing.  If the corruption was on that page, you should be able to publish and will have to recreate the page.

If you have been using the preview function, then trying to publish, remember to UNCHECK the box for local HTML folder for best performance (read more on this known issue)

Try changing your PASSIVE setting.  Some hosts need passive others do not. (Publishing OPTIONS and Modify the host)

Check your FIREWALL settings, in Windows XP with SP2 and other additional programs.  Make sure you have set CSB as trusted program.

 Other problems that interfere

Sometimes the error is NOT related to your computer or your program, or your file.

Error uploading 'c:\docume~1\sam\locals~1\temp\~tlc1b\products.htm' to 'public_html/products.htm' on FTP Server at

Causes can vary on this type of error.

when host was working on the server. Usually a temporary situation with exception of Tripod and FortuneCity (they can be unavailable for publishing for DAYS at a time)
can not sustain a constant connection to the host.  Check with your ISP that gives you the connection to the web.  There may be network problems in your area.
can not sustain a constant connection to the host. Check for packet loss between my computer and the hosting company.

The Net is HUGE and you have a lot of distant to get from your machine to your host. Your data has to hop between multiple computers before it makes it to the destination.

A Trace Route command could tell you if there is a delay somewhere between you and the server. Traceing the route helps to identify where the break down occurs. Then provide results to my ISP and my Host for thier comments. Sometimes they can help resolve.

Use your DOS command prompt.
Take it to your c drive if you are not already on c
C:\Documents and Settings\Sam>cd c:\

Then type in tracert domainname

See my results from one trace below:

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
1 6 ms 7 ms 6 ms
2 6 ms 9 ms 6 ms []
3 7 ms 5 ms 6 ms []

4 9 ms 9 ms 10 ms
5 14 ms 14 ms 13 ms []
6 14 ms 14 ms 14 ms []
7 31 ms 36 ms 33 ms []
8 31 ms 30 ms 34 ms []
9 32 ms 31 ms 30 ms []

10 31 ms 32 ms 32 ms []
11 41 ms 33 ms 32 ms
12 23 ms 21 ms 22 ms []
13 41 ms 154 ms 176 ms []
14 48 ms 48 ms 50 ms []
15 50 ms 50 ms 51 ms []
16 49 ms 48 ms 48 ms []
17 48 ms 48 ms 56 ms
18 24 ms 27 ms 24 ms []

Trace complete.

If your trace may end in all timeouts, like this:
13 * * *
14 * * *
15 * * *
If your trace to a system ends in timeouts, and never completes, there could be a problem.

Or if you have other codes, other results thatn shown above, there could be a problem either sending packets of information TO your host or RECEIVING packets of information FROM your host.  Either way, you won't be able to publish (upload information) using CSB, Trellix or FTP with any great reliability until the situation is resolved.  Provide copy of trace route results (use copy and paste) to your ISP and/or host to get assistance with interpretation and possibly resolution.

If you can't run a trace route from within your system, NAT (Network Address Translation) is built into most routers now and acts like a firewall. You are basically on a separate local network and assigned and IP by the router and all computers behind the router are protected from the rest of the internet.) Run a test from OUTSIDE your firewall.

To run a tracert use an outside service with your browser, there are lots out there. or are reliable.