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From the GlobalSCAPE support page, choose to Download CSB.

Fill in your email to ther the installation notes.
Then click the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

Choose SAVE to keep a copy of the installation file on your computer.
You can use this file again if you need to move to another computer or reinstall for any reason.
Any program you download from the web can be saved this way for future use.

Click the MY DOCUMENTS folder on the left side.
You will note that the top will change to show My Documents too.

Chose a folder for storage.  
I put downloaded files into a folder called Download and Install
You can choose any existing folder.....OR......

OR...If you don't have a special folder and would like one, click this icon.
Then you will change the name of the folder

I have several folders in my Download and Install folder.
When you have the folder open where you want the file stored, click SAVE
Sample below shows the file csb.exe is going to be stored in my CSB5 folder

Make sure you save other things with the installation file.
- Your SERIAL NUMBER to unlock the program
- Your SALES RECEIPT is a good item also
- Notes for installation, etc.

Once you have the installation file on your computer, two things can be done with it.

1) You can double click the file to install CSB onto the machine.  
If you have downloaded the file but did not cause it to install, you will not have an active copy of CSB!
You will just have the installation file ready for when you are.

2) Copy it to a storage media (burn a disk, put it on USB key, etc).  
That file and the serial number will allow you to reinstall the program at some point later.
Without the serial number, that file provides only 30 days service as a trial of the software.
To use it, move a copy of the file onto your hard drive then double click to install.