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The Orlando MDA chapter organized a
"Lock Up" to raise funds for MDA.
Based on an unknown individual's testimony, a warrant was issued for my arrest and detainment.  The person that turned in my name is now in the "witness protection program" so the identity will be kept a secret by the MDA chapter.

Prior to and during the incarceration, "bail money" was gathered.  A personal THANK YOU to generous fellow Lambert employees, friends, relatives, bowling league members and business associates. A total  was raised for Muscular Dystrophy Association. After viewing this page, a friend a thousand miles away sent another $20 contribution so my final tally was $645.

The arrest was made:   
Wednesday, May 21, 2003.

A warrant for arrest was read.
Handcuffs were put on, a photo was taken. Then I was taken away to serve time.

The booking photo:   Click on image for closeup
Click for closeup

The local chapter that handled the
lock-up just released the total figure
for the 2-day 2003 bail campaign:

$56,000 was raised!